Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Texas Roadhouse now open

Grand Forks' newest restaurant, Texas Roadhouse, is now open. The restaurant is located on 32nd Avenue South next to Boston's. I'm anxious to hear what people think of the place. Anyone want to play Marilyn Hagerty?

In other southside business news, work has started on the new "Heels" store in the new strip mall in front of Kohl's. Heels will carry women's shoes and, from what I've heard, some accessories. Seems like a good fit with its next-door neighbor: Bobbi's.


Elucidarian said...

I may not be a sophisticated businessman, but I do feel a little apprehensive about the quantity of retail and food establishments coming into town with little mention of real jobs coming to town. Doesn't anyone feel that our sales and service economy is getting too cumbersome, nationally as well as locally? It would be nice to hear about more employment opportunities in research, development, and production coming to town.

Elucidarian said...

Wow, I said coming to town like three times in that comment. (sigh)

Anonymous said...

LM Glasfiber adding, what, 500 jobs in the last year?

Research park at UND - with corporate partners (Alion, biotech)

EERC adding positions.

GF in talks with LM Glasfiber for an R&D center.

Those are rather significant non-slaes and non-service positions that many cities the size of GF would want. With the wages now going up in the city, the sales and service industries will expand both as result of more jobs and because of higher wages.

With regional cities like Thief River Falls (DigiKey especially) doing remarkably well, GF, as their main trade center, will reap sales and service benefits.

Anonymous said...

Just announced today, looks like Texas Roadhouse, (the stock, TXRH) is making record profits and growth

Forbes: Texas Roadhouse Grills Up Appetizing Profits

On average, a Texas Roadhouse restaurant does more business than an Outback or Longhorn restaurant.

Don't Mess with Texas Roadhouse

Anonymous said...

We went to there Monday night. It was average, about the same as any other new place, also has the same problems. It took about 20 minutes to get our drinks, apps came out at different times, sweet potato was cold, and they were OUT of Prime Rib at 6:45 on opening night! We've been to one before and it was akay, but I prefer Outback. I wonder how they will do when Golden Corral opens? They also cut their steaks, have yummy rolls, and you can eat other things will waiting for your steak. Ladies and Gentlemen, get reasy for Marilyn to go on and on about their napkins!

Anonymous said...

I think Texas Roadhouse is a nice addition. I really like that you can call ahead to get your name on the list to cut your wait time down. We waited for a total of 20 minutes once we arrived. I did feel bad for the people that didn't know about call ahead who had to wait a really long time to get a table. We did have to wait for too long for things, but everyone that goes to a new place should expect that.

Anonymous said...

The call ahead feature sounds pretty neat, but...

The Green Mill had that, too, when they first opened. I was one who wasn't aware of it, and simply showed up at the door, (being advised that reservations weren't accepted) and waited to be seated as the receptionist said the wait would be twenty minutes to a half hour.

Alas. New people repeatedly showed up at the door, only to be seated within several minutes, their names announced over the speaker system before mine. My party waited an hour and a half---after several assurances that we were "next on the list." Only when we got up to leave, the receptionist announced our name, following us to the door.

Needless to say, I've not eaten at a Green Mill Restaurant, then or since.

My best wishes to the Texas Roadhouse in that they are much more organized. They do offer good food, and an interesting ambiance.

dale said...

Went to the Roadhouse tonight, and it was awesome. I had sirloin and ribs, both were excellent. The mashed potatoes and gravy were pretty good and the Ceasar Salad was one of the best I've had. All that was $16.

I went with JB, MB and JB and they all had steaks and liked them well enough. We called ahead and, when I walked in, it was about a five minute wait. Otherwise, looked to be about an hour or more.

No complaints about the service -- they apparently got their act together pretty quickly.

Napkins were cloth and sufficient :-)

LFR said...

I went to Texas Roadhouse for the first time last Saturday. My steak was cooked to perfection, the salad was very fresh, and the server was very nice, friendly and efficient. I'm very glad I went right at 11:00 am because by 11:45 the place was packed and there was a wait list. I will definitely go there again.

Anonymous said...

Do we have a website for the new "Heels" store? And when is that going to be opening? Thanks!