Monday, February 26, 2007

Open Thread #16

My gosh...the last open thread only got 8 comments. You guys can do better than that!

What's on your mind? Anybody watch last night's Oscars?


Libertas said...

I watched the Oscars, as is my want to do -- every year. They were fine. Ellen Degeneres is funny and does a good job of keeping things light and fluffy. I was glad to see Marty and The Departed win. That was by far my favorite movie of the year.

The only sour note for me was the Melissa Etheridge lesbian kiss. Not that I am against lesbian kissing, no siree, just not Melissa Etheridge -- EWWW!

Other than that.... it was okay, it was the Oscars.

Charlie said...

Watch the Oscars? With Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and The Big Bopper in town?

You have to be kidding!

The Fritz was rocking...took awhile, given the age of the audience, but eventually the house was on its feet.

You shoulda been there. :o)

Anonymous said...

From the morning papers:
"February 26, 2007 – 10:50 AM

The independent postal regulatory commission today recommended a two-cent increase in the cost of mailing a letter and urged the Post Office to introduce a "forever" stamp valid for first-class postage despite future increases."

---why doesn't the USPS get out of the retail baloney of selling non-essential items and stop putting their budgeting inefficiency on the public? Thank gosh for the internet.

Anonymous said...

When's the Dakota Student going to update? Current edition is several weeks old.

Matthew said...

The print issue is out from last Friday. The online edition is only from the 16th (the Friday before).

Sometimes they miss updating the website if it happens to be around a break.

bethski said...

Now what is the point of watching the oscars? I love watching award shows, not for the awards, but for the clothes. I saw a teeny bit from last nite, and am quite sick of seeing these stars walk around without a bra on, or showing off things I just dont want to see. FREAKIN clean up.

dale said...

why doesn't the USPS get out of the retail baloney of selling non-essential items and stop putting their budgeting inefficiency on the public?

Actually, I suspect that selling coffee mugs, first editions and other non-mail kind of stuff is probably where they do make their money. Given the personnel costs that they endure (ever wonder what your average postal carrier makes?) and other costs that go up year after year, I'm surprised we don't pay a lot more for postage.

I'm all for jacking the price to about fifty cents and then leaving it alone for ten years.

Rick said...

Anyone think Al Gore exploited his platform a bit?

Whistler said...

GF Guy, I was out to the airport today and noticed that the Weekly's wrecking yard cleaned up all of the cars. (The one further out, not the old one by the Carpet store).

The wrecking yards aren't a big problem for me, but I thought maybe you'd want to give some credit to them for cleaning up.

Goon said...

I can't believe there are people that want the Goron to run again.
If we haven't been there and done that he would be better than Hillary and Barack Hussein Obama, but that isn't saying very much.

The Oscars are nothing more than a slamb the right. Big deal.

As far as a postal rate increase, 2 cents big deal. I would be more concerned about the gas tax increase they are talking about in Minnesota.

Anonymous said...

Goon for president.

Sorry for the satiric response...but can you NAME a viable candidate?

bethski said...

Would I get my butt kicked in here if I screamed Rudy for pres?

Goon said...

McCain would be a better candidate than any of the DNC candidates, the better DNC candidates aren't getting any attention at all.

Biden, Vilseck (dropped out) and the governor of Arizona Bill Richardson are the best candidates in my opinion and the left wing of the Democratic party is basically stiffling them.

I am predicting that Hillary will not win, because men will come out in droves to vote against her. Hillary will also not do well in the south and she needs to do well in the south to win the presidencey.

Anonymous said...

Risking being redundant---Goon, as mentioned earlier: Are there ANY viable candidates?

Is ANYone up to the job?

Hmm. I'm not so confident of a voting public that put aside the lack of basic intellect in their choice of the last election. (Go ahead: one can take that two ways. :o) )

Goon said...

I don't trust any of them no matter what political stripe.

I think its funny to watch Hillary try to murder anyone who gets in her way. I am just waiting for her to do one of her classic snaps and have a temper tantrum.

Anonymous said...

I know Drudge is considered right-leaning, but found this article there this morning on Gore's electrical use, which is reported to be 20 times the average!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I read that Drudge report this morning as well. It's kind of shitty - but (and there always is a "but"), Gore did purchase something like 25% of his power blocks as renewable.

Actually Xcel offers the same thing, which I have purchased for my own home here in Fargo...something around 10% of my bill is renewable powered. About $15/mo.

Also, Babel should have won Best Picture.

I would probably vote for McCain if Obama was chosen as his VP.

The Dems are so focused on running a campaign "completely different from the Republicans" that they are willing to put a woman and an African American up to run, which is pretty ballsy if you ask me, but also kind of stupid.

If history has taught us anything, it's that the majority of America will automatically vote for safe, traditional candidates that won't do much except make alot of promises and then cut taxes when they can't fulfill any of their promises. So yes, a grey-haired white guy will probably win.

Probably McCain if he can salvage any of the evangelical vote.

Personally though, I would vote for Obama just to send a message to the rest of the world. Obama won't destroy America, and Obama won't destroy the rest of the world, but probably bring us closer together, which is what we need right now to live in a society that is becoming more global.

Anonymous said...

Wow this is truly Right Wing World. You can scoff at Gore's environmentalism, but if he had been inaugurated into the office for which he was elected, we'd have relative peace, be on the road to energy independence (thus lessening the threat of terrorism), improved our educational system in meaningful ways and have made inroads into the poverty, disease and ethnic cleansing in West Africa-giving them reason for hope instead of reason to join terrorist causes.

And for the record, Gore has installed solar panels in his home and uses carbon offsets for all of his air travel.

Anonymous said...

Al Gore, Hollywood, and Michael Moore have completely redefined the meaning of "documentary". Perhaps the category should be renamed "Documentary Style". BTW...just one of Gore's homes consumed about 40K in utilities last year. His grandstanding, when receiving his award, about the fact that his pet-project is not a political issue but a "moral" issue was laughable.

Just more "do as I say, not as I do" B.S. from the Liberal Elite.

These weasels are so transparent.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes...the "carbon offsets". Don't you people, who believe this crap, feel like you're being played? You should?

There's a sucker born every minute.

So true.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. anonymous Gore lover, can I borrow your crystal ball? I'd like to make some stock buys. It would be cool if you were right. What if though, today, every map of America had to be redrawn with all the NE, NYC area, colored out in brown because of nuclear fallout dirty bombs? 20 million ppl relocated across America , their health mutated by radiation exposure. Would that be bad?

The world has changed my friend. It sucks! Wake up. You're playing childish games with everyone's future. Read a book. Get your head out of the lefty media and blogosphere. Please, I'm a parent.

Anonymous said...

And you're playing dangerous games by suggesting that war and aggression are the answers to our problems. So, I guess your view of the world is the only possible positive outcome.

It's not a world I want to live in. Terrorism, disease, poverty, and rising tidal waters. Party until the apocalypse. Woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Party until the apocalypse. actually believe that there will be an apocalypse?

Are you and all the other Republicans praying for it so you can all say "I was right, all you lefto commies" before the Hydrogen bombs fall?

I also love how Republicans are playing that "the entire world is against us" card over and over and over. The media. Half of the US. France and their French Fries ('s Freedom Fries). The terrorists, the athiests, etc, etc, etc forever.

Maybe I should use one a Republican coined phrase (we all know this one - after the 2004 election).

Get over it, you lost.

...and you are still losing, and you will continue to lose until you accept the fact that the world is changing and you may have to adapt to it instead of pissing your pants in fear, and preaching fear to everyone just to get your way.

Anonymous said...

Your post, full of assumptions, is FUCKING laughable! I am NOT a Republican. Also, I'm not wasting my time responding to a dumbass that gets their news and information from bumper stickers.

How can a muslim extremist that lives in REAL poverty (not the type that you lefties think we have in America) know more about American, and world politics than you?

I don't have time, or care enough, but I'll throw out this nugget...

BOTH "sides" are painfully wrong! America is married to the notion that there are "good muslims" and "bad muslims". The fact is...there are about one billion muslims worldwide. In round numbers 70% are "traditional muslims" and 30% are "muslim extremeists". The Right...bombing the shit out of them, brings the 2 worlds together. Our policy should be engineered to drive them APART and force the majority to reform their religion. It's time...ya think? BTW...The LEFT is way gone on the topic, also. They play the squishy..."we want to understand you"...."let's talk". That shows and amazingly high level of ignorance! Know why they're blowing us up? It's BECAUSE of lefty politics, worldwide lefty politics. America is #1 in their rifle scopes. Know why? We're are the head of the snake of the Almighty Satan. Because, to name two examples, the lefty politics fly DIRECTLY counter to their scewed view of of their religion (the extremists, I mean). ie. Planed Parenthood is a worldwide lefty organization. How do you think a Muslim father, and Hindu for that matter, feel when their daughters are given birth control? What't s the mesasge there? Are you smart enough to get it? Turkey wants to join the E.U....they can't bcause they "outlaw" homsexuality. Are you starting to get the "ahah moment"? The WTC bombings were planned under the Clinton Adminstration...remember? Now, look at their frame of mind, now, look at Bubbas...when they're planning to bring us down, instead of defending us...he's got his dick in an intern. That my friends is fuel for the fire.

Now, your narrowmindedness will say...he's against "fags" he's a "right to lifer". No I'm not. I'm a full-blown, card-carrying, highly-skilled, big'-ol' debauchery guy. Love it!!! The only difference is...I have a clue! This shit isn't rocket science, dumbass. Your small-time, mamby-pamby, partisan politics are not the answer. Grow some balls and pull those bumper stickers off your car. There's a lot at stake here (dumbass).

(Whew...what a waste of time. You can't process reality. Viva La Jam Band Rock...go Franken!)

God, are you a dumbass...did I say that?

Yes...I cuss. It's the real world...we talk like this.

Charlie said...

The last post---and I didn't even bother to read it in its entirety---shows the real ignorance. It takes positively no intelligence to spit out schoolyard profanities. I can swear with the best of them, but moronic outbursts like that above has worn very thin...and shows a whole lot of the mentality of the voting public.

Sick. Positively, embarrassingly, sick.

GrandForksGuy said...

"You can scoff at Gore's environmentalism, but if he had been inaugurated into the office for which he was elected, we'd have relative peace, be on the road to energy independence (thus lessening the threat of terrorism), improved our educational system in meaningful ways and have made inroads into the poverty, disease and ethnic cleansing in West Africa-giving them reason for hope instead of reason to join terrorist causes.

For what it's worth, I agree 100% with that statement. Bush has brought this country to the brink. Gore was the first presidential candidate I ever had the chance to vote for and, frankly, I wouldn't mind having the chance to vote for him again.

Anonymous said...

Not to change the subject (but this on's driving me crazy), but anyone know what they're working on on Gateway immediately east of Simplot? Used to be a liquor store, but it's currently under reconstruction.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the prior angry poster. He's just frustrated with the partisan politics that are bringing this country down. There's nothing wrong with party affiliations, just please people, think for yourselves!

Anonymous said...

"There's nothing wrong with party affiliations, just please people, think for yourselves!"

I agree. However, it's very easy to spew trash and phrases taught to you by loudmouths like Limbaugh and pass it off as original thought.

I guess now that I've singled out Limbaugh as being a loudmouth (and a massive hypocrite when it comes to decency), I'm attacking the whole of the right again because as we all know, the "drive by media" and "blogosphere" has it out for everyone on the right.

Matthew said...

I've figured out how to export Dakota Roar as an RSS feed, so if anyone is interested, you can read about it here:

Since some parts of the site may be more to your liking than other, you can limit the feed to a specific board (e.g., Buzz).

So if you want to be updated by RSS as to what new events are being posted, or what new I Spys are up, or just what people are talking about at UND/Dakota Roar, this is a very cool feature.

(Thanks to Grand Forks Guy for having the Google Reader on the sidebar which let me know how easy it is for anyone to get RSS feeds now.)

Anonymous said...

it is a cafe directly east of Simplot. Called Northside Cafe, and they are doomed to failure in a delapitated building in a horrible location.

ben said...

Well certainly got more than 8 comments this time, huh? Be careful what you wish for!!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same, Ben. And the negativism in here leaves me feeling very, very empty.

GrandForksGuy said...

I'm feeling bad for Lacey Crisp over at WDAZ. Her report from last week about the "emo" scene was posted on YouTube and it has had over 63,000 views and four hundreds comments...almost all ridiculing it. Poor Lacey! All these emo kids beating up on her story...she needs a hug, people. (The video is at or just click here.)

Good Ol' Boy said...

Cheer up little buckaroos, the circus will be back in town some day...

Anonymous said...

At what point is civic irresponsibility criminal? Newman convinces the council that The Alerus needs a "concert fund" for in-house promotions of smaller acts that are bypassing the market. He then turns around and gives close to 200K to existing major promoters to offset losses on arena shows.

Can you do that with taxpayer's money?

mattfacingsouth said...

Lacey's report was embarrassing. I'm not even close to being "emo;" to me it just reeked of lopsidedness and lack of research.

Oh, and I'm glad to see the 'DAZ get on board covering a trend that's been in GF for 3-4 years at minimum.

The metalheads over at are having a field day, as they should.

Anonymous said...

Crisp absolutely deserves every shred of criticism for that report. What a disgrace. Sadly, it's typical of WDAZ's chronic lack of depth in reporting. I can never be sure if they are lazy or just incompetent.

Her sources are two high school kids and a bush league sherrif? How about administrators or counselors who may know if there's really a "problem"? How about a couple of kids that are supposedly "emo"? Then she goes on to cite web sites that are MAKING FUN OF EMO KIDS.

WDAZ, if you don't have enough to go on DONT RUN THE REPORT.

dale said...

Someone told me today that Golden Corral opened (unannounced, apparently,) on Monday. Anyone else hear that? I'm too lazy to drive by and see :-)

Anonymous said...

I work at Fairfield Inn, and I also heard that they are open.. I know that we are getting an IHOP this summer as well...but probably not a dennys.

How weird is it that they are going to build an IHOP next to Village Inn??! I have a feeling that it will knock it out of business, being from Syracuse, NY...I dont like IHOP as much, but since north dakotians flock to a new sure it will do pretty well. Lets not forget about Village Inn though, they have some awesome breakfast.

Anonymous said...

You people and your binge eating places! :o)

It always gets back to that, doesn't it?

No wonder we look like we do.

Anonymous said...

Who's the prospective tenant at The Riverwalk Centre?

Anonymous said...

I'm pursuing carbon neutrality here in town, but the North Dakota climate is really messing with me.

Any pointers?

Anonymous said...

We will be relocating to Grand Forks this summer and what if anyone could fill us in on what GF is really like. Most people that I have talked to so far (not from ND) paint a picture of a small city with not a lot to do.

Matthew said...

Jenn, is that you?

dale said...

Grand Forks is, largely, what you make it to be. If you want to sit in your apartment and complain that there's nothing to do, feel free. But there are enough activities, both cultural and physical (outdoors stuff,) that can keep most people who make the effort busy.

You're also about an hour away from a city twice the size, and about a little more than two away from a metropolis in another country.

It's a small town with nothing to do, if you're from New York City. Otherwise, it is what you want it to be.

GrandForksGuy said...

"Who's the prospective tenant at The Riverwalk Centre?"

I'm wondering that myself. The Herald story doesn't specify if it is a retail or non-retail tenant. If it's non-retail, I'm guessing it's MeritCare. They've mentioned in the past that they wanted a larger EGF clinic and I've heard Pracs wants all of the existing building for themselves.

GrandForksGuy said...

"Someone told me today that Golden Corral opened (unannounced, apparently,) on Monday."

I drove by on Monday night and there seemed to be quite a few cars in the parking lot. I wasn't sure if they were still working on the set-up or if the place had actually opened. I'm anxious to hear what people think of this place.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon Who Will Be Relocating,

I'd recommend two web sites:

1. - This is the Convention & Visitor's Bureau web site and contains a calendar of events.

2. - This site features listings for upcoming theatre, music, dance and art.

I agree that GF is what you make of it. I live in NYC, but visit quite often. I'm always able to find something unique to attend while I'm here.

Anonymous said...

I'd agree with previous anon, with one exception: Movies.

The situation is deplorable. There are so few screens–and terribly managed–that we get less than half of mainstream releases. And as far as arthouse or foreign films? Fugeddaboutit!

Anonymous said...

A friend and I were talking the other day about the zoning and planning disaster that Grand Forks's Downtown has become.

Case in point: when the Gate City bank on the corner of DeMers and 5th rebuilt a single story building in a zone that should've been (basically) forced to build a 3+ story building as a measure of increasing density Downtown.

Downtown should have a re-development measure (or at least some sort of tax incentive plan) in place to draw more developers to this part of GF. The city has invested so much money in downtown that it's a real shame much of the land area is going waste.

And please, get rid of the Civic Center building already. It's a money pit.

Anonymous said...

To the last anon... do you have any knowledge of what you are talking about?

The Gate city building is a good example... but that's the only example. All of the other recent developments, especially the ones the city has had any sort of hand in, have INcreased desity... look at the two projects at the corner of N 3rd and 1st ave... one under construction and one approved.

There already is a program to attract development downtown... its called the Renaissance Zone. Also, the two projects mentioned above were based in part on city programs to get rid of city owned open lots and turn them into denser developments and get them back on the tax rolls.