Sunday, August 30, 2009

What happened?

So why IS this blog so quiet lately?  Why does a formerly talkative blogger have almost nothing to say these days? 

Well, for one thing, I have gotten very lazy.  I'm busy in real life and I just haven't had near as much time to devote to extraneous activities like running a blog.  I'm sorry I'm so lazy...I should try harder to find the time to blog.

There is another reason, though...a reason that isn't the fault of your ho-hum host.  Remember how the main topic of this blog has always been the local business scene?  Well, these days there is literally almost NO business news to talk about.  Drive around town and you'll be hard pressed to find any commercial construction...large-scale or small-scale...these is almost nothing going on.

Sure, there are a few ongoing projects...the new Aurora Hospital is one notable example.  Still, a project like that hasn't generated any news for months.  Public construction has also been severely lacking this year.

I'm hoping that things will eventually pick up in the local business scene...a pick up in activity on this blog should hopefully go hand in hand with that.  There have been other periods of economic lulls here in the past.  Things WILL change in the future and there WILL be active economic development once again. 

In the mean time, be sure to share your tips and story ideas with me.  Just drop me an email if you would like or directly post them to the blog if you prefer.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Open Thread #103

Let's jump-start a little activity here.  This is the first open thread since February.  I know...kinda sad.