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Postcard: Deaconess Hospital

Deaconess Hospital

Here's another vintage Grand Forks postcard. As most of you probably already know, Altru Hospital wasn't the first hospital to be built in Grand Forks. Grand Forks used to have two hospitals: Deaconess Hospital and St. Michael's Hospital. Buildings that used to function as hospitals in Grand Forks include the current UND Medical School building, Riverside Manor just off of Gateway Drive, and the old Deaconess Hospital building across the street from the Grand Forks County Courthouse downtown.

The above postcard shows a mid-20th century view of Deaconess Hospital. The structure in this postcard still stands in the south part of downtown and is currently used for office space. The first Deaconess Hospital building was built in 1892 and was the first hospital constructed in Grand Forks. Over the years, Deaconess grew to include the structure pictured here.

St. Michael's Hospital was first located in the building currently called Riverside Manor north of downtown. St. Michael's later moved to a new hospital building just north of UND. In 1971, St. Michael's and Deaconess officially merged and became known as United Hospital, but continued to operate out of two separate buildings. A new, unified hospital - United Hospital - was later built at Medical Park on Columbia Road. The old Deaconess building became an office building and the old St. Michael's by UND became the home of the UND Medical School. United Hospital officially became known as Altru Hospital on July 1, 1997.

Click here and here for more historical information regarding Grand Forks hospitals.

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UND is planning for the future

I've recently mentioned the many changes that UND is facing in the present day and in the near future. As UND reaches its 125th birthday, the changes facing the athletic department are some of the most interesting: the "Fighting Sioux" debate and the possibility of a new nickname and logo, the move up to D-I in all sports, a new athletic director, and planning for future athletic facilities.

Now come impressive images of what might be in store for UND athletic facilities in the near future. Some of you have probably already seen these pictures, but I stillwanted to post them for those readers who have not had the chance. All of these images are from JLG Architects.

Currently, there appear to be two major plans on the table. Both plans include moving UND football from the Alerus Center to a new stadium to be built on the grounds of the old Memorial Stadium. Both plans also call for the construction of a new on-campus indoor training facility featuring an indoor track, an outdoor track facility, multiple skyways, and a second parking garage.

Plan #1 - outdoor football stadium

The first plan calls for the construction of an outdoor, horseshoe-shaped, football stadium that would retain the western facade of Memorial Stadium.

Plan #2 - retractable roof football stadium

The second plan calls for the construction of a 25,000 seat, retractable roof, football stadium with an indoor training facility built immediately to the east.

Now I'm interested to hear what my readers think of these plans. Are these pipe dreams or realistic plans? Do you think the renderings are attractive? Which plan do your favor? What do you think buildings like these would cost? What does this mean for the Alerus Center? I await your discussion!

Update - 12/30/2007 - 8:50 PM
The above site plan has been updated/corrected courtesy of the folks at JLG.

Update - 12/31/2007 - 8:23 PM
I asked JLG how an indoor training facility would fit in with the outdoor horseshoe concept and they informed me that the outdoor horseshoe concept (shown here as Plan #1) is "an earlier concept that is no longer a part of the plan." This was news to me. Why did the Herald print big pictures of an outdated plan? So I guess we're going with that retractable roof plan, huh? It is pretty cool...

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New poll: city streets a winter wonderland?

The new poll question is "How would you grade the ongoing snow removal program in Grand Forks?" Cast your vote and then comment here.

Poll results: "Sioux" will become history

According to a recent poll conducted on this blog, most readers think the "Fighting Sioux" nickname and logo will eventually be retired.

When asked "Will UND end up retiring the Fighting Sioux nickname and logo?", 79% (371) responded "yes" and just 19% (91) responded "no." (results)

I would really like to see some more discussion on this topic.

Yes 79%371
No 19%91
Unsure 2%10
472 votes total

Open Thread #57

Let 'er rip!

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Merry Christmas from GrandForksGuy

Merry Christmas to all my friends and readers of GFL! My wish is that you are all able to share these days with those you love. May we all be like the reformed Ebeneezer Scrooge and keep Christmas in our hearts throughout the year.

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Open Thread #56

I realize that this blog has been on auto-pilot for the last month or so. Still, I've been happy to see you guys carry on the conversation while I have been preoccupied. Traffic has not decreased during my absence. I promise that things will be getting back to normal here after the holidays.

Now...since it's getting very close to the big day, why not share some memories of Christmas in Grand Forks?

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Open Thread #55

Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it sure is also the most hectic!

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Open Thread #54

I know, I know...this is coming a little late this week.