Thursday, December 06, 2007

Open Thread #54

I know, I know...this is coming a little late this week.


Coffee Guy said...


akm said...

What is the new business (looks like a bar) where Al's used to be in the strip mall next to Mexican Village?

Anonymous said...

I'm also wondering about another new business: what looks to be another photography studio on Demers where the Catholic bookstore just moved out of. Considering that there's a long-standing studio on N. 3rd St. & that Reeves' studio on S. 3rd has just expanded now that 3rd St. Gallery started their own place on Kittson, is there really a market for a new studio? It reminds me of several years ago when it seemed like dozens of check-cashing shops and drive-through coffee huts opened up within months of each other. Lots didn't survive, especially the coffee huts. It seems that there are too many copycats when someone actually launches a successful business in this town.

soreBackGuy said...

Can anyone suggest a good massage therapist? Someone who can really work out the knots/sore spots.

Anonymous said...

lets jsut get back to the city horse shit job of plowing and the sioux nickname.

Anonymous said...

I saw a "Help Wanted" sign posted in the old Red Geranium building downtown (by Bonzers), next to another sign showing that remodeling was being done for a restaurant... any ideas what this will be? I'm happy to see that space being used after it's been empty for a couple years.

Anonymous said...

If you are up for a little drive, the best massage therapist around works out of her home off highway 2 just past Fisher. Susan, Bio Balance, 218-281-4685. She really works the knots and is not your typical fluff and buff massage!

Glass Half Full said...

The old red geranium space is an Italian restuarant owned by the original owners of Mama Maria's.
I think they will open close to the New Year.

Anonymous said...

An excellent massage therapist in GF is Alisha Greenberg. She is agressive and really works you over. 739-2085.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine is volunteering with the Downtown Leadership Council to attract new businesses to downtown. In light of strong Canadian dollar, they think a different level of retailers may be interested. Exciting stuff. Finally, it looks like biz leaders are starting to market the entire million-strong trading area from Winnipeg to Fargo with Grand Forks smack-dab in the middle.

Liz said...

I saw on the news lastnight that the city is changing their fees for shoveling sidewalks to $1 per square foot. Last year it was a flat $25 fee, and they said too many people took advantage of that and just relied on the city to shovel their walk. They're not warning people anymore, they're just acting on complaints and sending a bill.

This made me wonder: Of the people who are "taking advantage of the city" in this way, how many are physically unable to shovel their walks, and how many are just plain lazy? And who complains about their neighbor's sidewalk?

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it a Beyond Juice is coming to town. They are going to be located by UND and hope to be open around the March/April timeframe. Are they similar to Jamba Juice which has been mentioned on this blog in prior threads?

localboy said...

Is anything being built across from the Canad Inn in the cornfield? There has been a lot of activity there recently.

MattFacingSouth said...

It sounds like Beyond Juice is indeed similar to Jamba except they offer food as well. Most reviews from my hometown are favorable. I'll hit it up when I head out there for Christmas and let you know how it is.

I've always been a huge proponent, nay - addict of Jamba, but I'm open to pretty much anything in the same vein. Cool.

Anonymous said...

I knew that Mattfacingsouth would post something when I saw the words Jamba Juice.

And I was right.

Love, your sis-in-law.

bethski said...

I heard a rumor that Ihops is no longer coming to town, that true peeps?

Anonymous said...

the building in the cornfield across from the alerus is a apartment building. keyed to und students.
my info is ihop will begin building as late as spring. ran into some siting problems but still to build in same spot.

dale said...

Who exactly is opening the restaurant next to Bonzers? Mamma Marias has had at least three former owners, though I think we can discount Vinny coming back :-)

We ate at Mammas last week, and the server was telling us that THEY are opening another Mammas, "across from the Blue Moose" was how she put it, so maybe in the EGF mall. This would be a second location, and would have beer and wine, with a timeframe of early next year.

I thought maybe that was what people thought was going into downtown, but I guess that we'll have three Italian restaurants before too long? Though, my guess is that the Mammas on Washington will close before too long, just because of the bad location.

Anonymous said...

The new photography studio on demers downtown is that of Christy Doyea. She is a local gal with a great eye for taking fantastic pictures. She has owned her own business for several years now and just now found a space to have a studio. check out her site at

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know what happened to The High Plains Reader on-line edition? It's been "under construction" for months at

Maybe they have a new URL.
Anybody know?

Anonymous said...

I cant believe no one has mentioned the sioux / gophers games this weekend GO SIOUX

fargodev said...

New posts on the Fargodev Blog

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of any well lit-up streets in town? I'd like to take my son to go look at Christmas lights.

GJB said...

Did the Riverside Cinema 12 open up?

Anyone go?

Anyone have a review of the theater?

Anonymous said...

Very little interest tonight as I drove by Riverside, 12,000 at hockey game, score 0 to 0 .

OUWxGuesser said...

Riverside looks nice inside (didn't actually go to a movie though).

On another note, how does someone manage to steal an ATM from Twamley hall on campus?

Anonymous said...

I went to a 7:25 show at Riverside. It was packed! Comfy seats, volume could have been louder, squeaky floors & stairs not carpeted yet. My friend was too hot but I prefer a warm theater, esp. in sub-zero weather. Attractive place with management present making sure everyone was getting good service. Auspicious debut! Bodes well for a profitable holiday season.

Frost Bite said...

Anyone else disappointed with the coverage by the Fighting Sioux Sports Network this season? Poor signal -- freezing picture and now, last night, a nice rendition of Christmas music and commercials after the Gophers pull thier goalie at the end of the game. It would have been a real treat to see the ending.

OUWxGuesser said...

Saw the entire game on Fox Sports North...

Anonymous said...

Yes, the new photography studio in town is not really new, just a new location. Christy Doyea Photography has been in Grand Forks for the last five years and is very excited to finally be in a downtown location.

Matthew said...

On another note, how does someone manage to steal an ATM from Twamley hall on campus?

Well, if I were going to do it, I'd need a large truck, a beautiful woman, five pounds of dog biscuits and a rubber chicken.

Campus Dakota - Wondering where our money went.

Anonymous said...

I too was disappointed in the technical problems with the game last night. Truth be told, I was flipping back and forth and listening to the boobs on FSN. They are so strange I get drawn to watching them.

Christy said...

Someone pointed me to this blog today.

I wanted to comment on the first anonymous writer that commented on the new studio that just moved into 307 Demers.

Christy Doyea Photography has actually been in business for over five years now. I have been working out of my home for well over five years now and have done very well but I needed more space so when the location I have always wanted opened up I finally decided to make the move.

The comment "It seems that there are too many copycats when someone actually launches a successful business in this town." kind of offends me. I am not a copycat in anyway shape or form. If you take a look at my web site you will see for yourself. I too am a successful business owner. I would not move into a downtown location if I was not.

C. Y. said...

Anyone know what's going on west of Swingen Construction and east of the airport on the north side of Hwy 2? Lot's of dirt being moved.

Also it looks like the concrete wall on the north side of hwy 2 has new paint on it. New murals coming in the spring?

Anonymous said...

I was the first anonymous poster about the new downtown photography studio. Nice website! Glad to hear you're able to expand. I'm sure you already know that the two previous businesses in that location did not last more than a year or two. Sometimes I get discouraged when I see prime real estate downtown go vacant for long periods of time and new businesses overestimate the size shop they can afford to operate. I just hope our downtown can support three photography studios within a one-block radius. Best wishes in your great new location!

joe said...

The dirt being moved near the airport is the beginning of the new east-west runway for the airport. The day the landfill finally closes is the day the new runway can open.

Yonnie said...

Regarding First Anonymous' comments on Christy Doyea Photography's new location...

I do understand that it is not as easy to start and run a business as some people might assume. Those who do so ill-prepared support the examples given by the first writer who discussed downtown photography studios. There are many reasons why businesses fail in the first couple of years but most lead back to one big issue: the lack of knowledge (1) industry specific, (2) demographics [i.e., failure to research and assess the entire market including competition] and (3) inadequate business training. Since Ms. Doyea has been in business for several years in this market, it's a safe bet that she's done her homework. I am sure that we are all familiar with malls that have more than one major department store and many specialty boutiques that offer similar products. Competition is good for business and, as a consumer, I appreciate choices and options.

Anonymous said...

So for the last month there have been 4 open threads, not very interesting, a short repost of a Herald story about a fast food place in the mall, and nothign else.

The side thing that shows other blogs is all about hockey and archeology. The open threads are full of spam from Fargo and UND blogs that the majority of readers aren't interested or involved with.

Maybe theres nothing going on or GrandForksGuy has other things to do, but this place has gone from a check it several times a day site to a once a week is probably fine.

Matthew said...

Spam from Fargo and UND blogs? I only count a couple posts that even link away from here.

It's a busy time of year, I guess.

dale said...

Well, it's a slow time of year, construction wise. They have the frame up for the Shops at Aurora, but the vast amount of empty space in the mall across the street, and several on 32nd Avenue, means that there's not likely much going in there any time soon.

I'll concur on that little sidebar utility -- I used to use it to find new posts by Tuey and others, but the weather and hockey guys seem to post about fifty times a day, making the whole concept pretty useless.

Anonymous said...

matthew--I think you are probably the UND spammer/self promoter anon is talking about. Are you really that desperate for hits?

Matthew said...

I've been trying to contribute as much as anyone else who posts comments here. Is it such a bother that I add a signature at the bottom of what I have to say from time to time?

Honestly, I didn't think it was a problem since no one had brought it up before, including GrandForksGuy.

OUWxGuesser said...

Heh. We post on a pretty good blog if Matthew is considered spam.

Anonymous said...

What, no reaction yet to the arrest of the UND nursing student in the murder of Joel Lovelien? I'm sure this will provoke some comments here and hope they are less reactionary than those on the Herald's website. I'll start by saying that I'm relieved for the sake of the victim's family and friends that someone has finally been arrested and hope the accused gets a fair trial.

Anonymous said...

I'm also relieved that someone was arrested in this case. GF has gotten to be a scary place lately.
What's bothered me is the manner in which this death has been reported. It said today on the Herald website that Lovelien was beaten to death. My sister went to high school with his fiance, who was with him when he died. Evidently he was trying to stop a fight between some others; simply an extreme case of wrong place, wrong time. What irks me is that his death was explained as the result of a bar fight, which infers some responsibility of the fight on Lovelien's part. From what I know, he was a simple bystander. I'm not saying someone who dies in a bar fight they actively participate in deserves what they get, but it certainly doesn't do anything positive for Lovelien's memory when people read that he died "in a bar fight." Does this make sense to anyone else?

Anonymous said...

I seriously hope most of the comments stick to the circus (the Herald). We don't need to waste the bandwidth here.

Anonymous said...

I didn't take from all the Herald reporting that Mr Lovelien was involved in any fight. I believe the reports have always mentioned a separate fight that took place at another time. I think we all know that Joel was just using his phone and if anything-may have tried to intervene to stop the other fight. All I have heard is that he was truly a nice guy who became a victim in a senseless act of violence.

Al decker said...

Congratulations Christy on your new location. Don't ever be discouraged by competion or what is said, and I know you won't. Competion is what made America and keeps Grand Forks going. It is what creates new ideas and style and you have both!

Szymanski's Designated Driver said...

This has been confusing me for a while...

Going north on 42nd St. under the big "University of North Dakota" skywalk the letters 'V' and 'T' are colored red...for a while I thought maybe the lights just malfunctioned...then I thought maybe this is kind of like a tribute to the Virginia Tech tragedy...but that happened months ago, and they only colored the letters on one side, and on one skywalk. So maybe it's just a coincidence, but does anyone know anything?

Jimmie said...

I think that is just the color the lights turn when they are starting to burn out, at least that's what we surmised when we noticed that last week.

There are far too many rumors and stories going on about this arrest in the Joel Lovelien incident. I would hate to jump to any conclusions before someone is proven innocent or guilty, but I do wish the true story would be told and that the person(s) responsible would come forward.

Anonymous said... of Tuesday morning theres a crew with a cherry picker doing work on the UND hamster tube lights..

Anonymous said...

You know what grand forks needs, seems like every time i cross demers from 42nd, there is a train. These trains are long nad take forever to cross. I cross there about 4-5 times a day ands topped every one of them. Idk if it is bad timign or what. How hard would it be to put a over pass here. they got one on columbia.

Anonymous said...

There will be an underpass at 42nd St and Demers Ave in the future. Just one small problem. It will cost 40 million dollars. Got any spare change you'd like to donate to the cause?

Anonymous said...

no but do what the city does best, raise the taxes.

Anonymous said...

Or just look up the road a ways and change your driving path accordingly. Considering I work at Clifford Hall, dealing with trains is a daily occurrence. In case of a stopped train, I simply use the interstate or Columbia overpasses. 9 times out of 10, I'm pulling into the lot before the train is past the intersection.

Anonymous said...

The trains in Grand Forks are lifes way of telling you to slow down and catch your breath. Unless your in an ambulance dying of a heart attack or something, do you REALLY need to get to your destination in such a hurry? Be one of the lucky ones to be near the front of the line and be amazed at all the graffiti on the sides of the trains. Look at each car and maybe you'll see a hobo catching a ride! Use your imagination about where the trains are going and where they came from and what the cars are loaded with. The only thing about certain situations you can change is your attitude toward it.

Anonymous said...

You do need to get to your destination in a hurry if that destination is work or school, and with that in mind, you shouldn't take a road that could be blocked by a train. Using the excuse that you got to work late AGAIN because you were stuck behind a train is not a GOOD excuse. When a train comes by the same exact time every single day and you are stuck behind that train every single day then maybe it's YOUR fault and not the trains.

Anonymous said...

u guys are jsut happy cuz u dont get oguth by them.

Anonymous said...

To the last person who posted, your grammer and spelling is terrible. It looks like you're in a hurry all the time. AND I lived on that end of town for 3 plus years and had to deal with the train there plus when it went through downtown so some days I dealt with the train twice or more a day!

jackson said...

To the anonymus at 9:04pm - you must live in an imaginary world of yours with a lot of free time and no deadlines. Do you even have a job? Most of us want to give/show 100% by being on time, which shows that we care. If you do, indeed, have a job, I wonder what you say to your employer when you're late - oh, I was admiring the graffiti on the train! Oh, you are so funny...

Anonymous said...

9:04 has a point. The trains do come through at the same time (but does it have to be around 8AM and 5:15PM) so if you travel that route often, you should take the overpass or go on the interstate. Try to be more resourceful and you might be on time.

Anonymous said...

9:04 does not propose that we take the overpass, they propose we admire the train. So no, they do not have a point.

Anonymous said...

Sorreeey! 10:11 had the point. Get stuck waiting for a train today?

Anonymous said...

Guys, think about it. Freight trains do not run on set schedules. The only train that you should always get held up by at the same time would be Amtrak. If you want train frequencies for GF as well as their symbols, origins, destinations, and what times they are supposed to come through, I can show them to you. That's because I'm a rail photographer here.

Anonymous said...

You take pictures of rails? My uncle left town on one. Or was it he was run out of town on one? Well anyway, you get paid for that?

dale said...

You take pictures of rails?

You've never heard of a trainspotter?

Anonymous said...

same as a "rail photographer"?

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