Monday, February 19, 2007

The "Big Al" posts a profit

Good news for the Alerus Center:

•The Alerus Center is reporting its first-ever yearly profit. In 2006, the facility made $16,400. Read Tu-Uyen Tran's short story.

Marketplace for Entrepreneurs is coming back to Grand Forks and the Alerus Center next year. The event, which drew 9,000 to the Fargodome this year, hasn't been in Grand Forks since 2004. Read the Herald's story.


Anonymous said...

I think once the CanadInn opens, this profit will grow quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons given for the "profit" is catering. Hmm, the first two times I voted against an events center. The third time I gave up and voted for it, believing I was voting for an events center, not a municiple cater service which would compete with the private sector.

Anonymous said...

A profit? That's funny. Why doesn't the Alerus commission just receive another 500K annually from the city for the property? That way, they can gloat about how the property realizes an over $500,000 "profit" every year!