Friday, May 18, 2007

Tavern United now open

Another restaurant has opened in the new Canad Inns Destination Center adjacent to the Alerus Center. According to Canad, Tavern United is "a new world sports pub." The theme is decidedly Irish and English.

Tavern United is located on the east side of the complex, next to the main Canad Inns entrance. Check out the menu.

On a related note, check out Marilyn's review of Aalto's. Aalto's is located just across the hallway from Tavern United in the Canad Inn complex.

Update - 5/21/2007 - 1:50 AM
Check out Dale's review of Tavern United.

Also, check out the Herald's rundown of local restaurant news. According to the article, the owner of Capone's says "she didn't feel like Capone's, a fine dining establishment, fit in with the Grand Forks restaurant scene." Well, if a fine dining establishment doesn't go over in Grand Forks, what choice do you have other than to move it to McVille, ND (pop. 470)? Sheer genius.


dale said...

Ate there on Thursday. Had the Bangers and Mash, same thing I always order at British pubs (best one on this side of the pond is the Duke of Edinburgh in Cupertino, CA.) The bangers were excellent, but the potatoes were basically baked and then smushed down, which was a bit of a bummer. I also thought that they had Bubble and Squeak, but I didn't see that on the menu, which I'd characterize as "bar food with an English flavour," rather than the other way around.

I'd comment on the price (it's rather expensive,) but we got the meal gratis because the meal took forever to arrive.

There's a mini review...

Happy Diners said...

We had a very nice meal at Tavern United tonight. They had a lot of English items on the menu, but we just ended up having good old American food. Great service too!

The CanadInn complex will be a great addition to Grand Forks. I can see the pub filling up with a lot of people after a concert or a UND football game.

We were impressed & we'll go back sometime soon! Any other reviews?

local boy said...

I ate there last week. Pretty nice atmosphere. I can see it being a big college hangout. Female servers only, dress in red skirts...nice! It has a separate entrance so you don't feel like you are in a hotel.

Anonymous said...

Every theme pub I've ever seen opens with conceptual menu items like bubble 'n squeek, banger and mashers, and shepherd's pie. Shortly there after, just about every item goes away, except shepherd's pie, due to consumer lack of demand.

Anonymous said...

local boy,
I doubt the place will be a "big college hangout" as you say. Unless, they play the drink special game B.S. But, on the other hand, if their occupancy sucks, they may have to go there out of desperation.

local boy said...

Why would a college dude NOT go to a bar with "hot chicks" as servers and likely specials???

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Simpleton.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, I've been there a few times, and it's been packed with college guys around the 11 p.m. happy hour.

I asked about the lack of male servers -- as a girl, I'd like some eye candy too, you know -- and they said no guys have applied. If they did, they'd dress in all black, as the bartenders do.

Anonymous said...

OMG...that's hysterical! Open less that one month and they've already given up, running drink specials at 11:00 at night.

Thanks for that, you made my day.

Well, I guess you could say, they understand the new market they're operating in.


local boy said... don't happen to work at a local dump such as Muddy Rivers or Sugars now do you?.....Let these folks have their success, the entire Canad complex only makes Grand Forks better.

Anonymous said...

Marilyn's been spotted in the Tavern ... but no review as of yet. We all know she will talk about how great napkins are if the food stinks, so I'm curious as to why she hasn't written yet. It couldn't be so awful she'd skip a review, could it?

Canad NO Inns said...

Canad Inns really sucks.
The hotel rooms are a nightmare. Mine had a window facing the mechanical units on the rooftop, I couldn't sleep due to the noise.
You can tell they cut all the corners they can. Never again