Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I've now had a chance to personally check out the new Canad Inns complex and I have to say that I am very impressed. The entire complex isn't quite done yet - two restaurants, an arcade, a "spa" of some sort, and quite a few of the guest rooms are yet to open - but I'm very pleased with what I see so far. I'm impressed with the attention to detail and the overall look and feel of the place. Also, the overall massiveness of the complex - and the fact that the complex is attached to the largest event center in the region - is hard to ignore. I wonder just how far it is from the main entrance of the Alerus Center all the way north to l'Bistro in the Canad? Any guesses?

I have to say that this place has to easily be the nicest hotel complex in the state/region. In my obviously biased opinion, it's part of a new trend in Grand Forks: we build the best. Ralph Engelstad didn't just build an ice arena; he built one of the nicest arenas in the world. Now, Canad Inns didn't just build a hotel in town; they built a 13-story hotel tower, the largest water park in the state, threw in a bunch of restaurants and bars, and attached the entire complex to the largest and most versatile event center in the region. The mere fact that a private company from outside the metropolitan area is willing to spend upwards of $50 million dollars to build such a complex in our little city personally makes me very happy.


Anonymous said...

I love your optimism. While progress hasn't come without its share of bumbles and bumps along the way, I can't imagine GF without the Alerus and now, Canad Inn.

Anonymous said...

A friend and I walked through last night, and we were both underwhelmed by the water park.

It appears to have lots of activities for the little ones, but only one big water slide (the one that you can see from outside when you're on I-29). No lazy river that I saw either.

It'll be great for families - I imagine we'll be taking our kids when they're a little bit older. But for teens and twenty-somethings w/o children, I think they'll be disappointed.

Anonymous said...

If Grand Forks wanted a bigger water park they should have voted "yes" a while ago.

Matthew said...

I think we should clean up the river--that should be water park enough for anyone.

Student forum at UND and NDSU:

Anonymous said...

If you need a bigger water park, try out Splash Mountain, the large outdoor waterpark in Winnipeg. I don't see Manitobans coming to GF in the summer to use the Canad Inn waterpark, they already have a larger one in their backyard.

Charlie said...

*shaking my head*

Some people would bitch if they were hung with a new rope.

An old, old saying...which easily came to mind when I read some of the above entries.

Good grief, people...get a grip. Don't you realize how doggoned good you have it here?!

ben said...

I don't think the water park is meant for 20 somethings who are seeking big thrills. That would take acres and acres, and impossible in an indoor water park unless you spend $50 million just on that. The water park was meant for little ones and families, however, and appears to fit the bill very well.

Local Boy said...

Great summary GFG. I have been to the facility, and I can only compare it to the Ralph. There are no hotels in the state like it, you have to go to MSP to find a similar one. There will be growing pains as it gets up and running, but that is to be expected. I can't wait for the GF bashers to start their crap up again. Canad Inn makes GF a better town. Concerts, conventions, etc will only increase with the new hotel. The next step will be the development of the land around the complex. I expect that to happen very soon.