Monday, May 21, 2007

Poll: banning bloggers

Time for a new poll question: "Do you agree with the Turtle Mountain reservation's decision to ban a local blogger?"


Rob said...

I'll vote "no," but does my vote count if I'm the one who actually got banned?


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone agree with that? I mean, doesn't it kind of fly in the face of one of the base things that Americans are supposed to support?

Anonymous said...

Indian reservations are sovereign nations. They have their own rules. I lived next to one for 11 years. You don't want to mess with the reservation. You don't get any where. US laws don't apply.

C. Y. said...

You're poll is missing a choice:

D. Don't give a s_ _ t.

What did you expect them to do? Accept Mr Port with open arms?

Banning him was stupid as he was just passing on his observations.

Maybe it will end up to be an okay thing in the end if it makes more people aware of the situation on this reservation. Then again it may just be nothing more than a bunch of bloggerss making themselves feel important.

Just my coupla pennies.

Anonymous said...

No, but again who cares, much about nothing. I worked for county social services, it's like another country a res. just like the Air Base is. No jurisdiction. greenglass4.

Xene said...

There are a few things I didn't mention. I have been censored as well as all of the Turtle Mountain Area. I am still censored. The Article published in the Dakota Beacon by Steve Cates depicts Reservations as slums. It portrays the people of Reservations as uneducated generations of drug addicted, prison living, welfare, child abusing, and appalling. There was not word about real issues that might draw some attention to the actual improvements that are necessary on the Turtle Mountain Reservation. Such as the roads needing to be repaired because of the deaths on these roads for such a populated area. Rob Port in 15 hours condemned All Reservations in North Dakota and the people in them. The Dakota Beacon kept this unknown to North Dakota Tribes from December 22, 2006 until April 24, 2007. This magazine is read by our Governor Hoeven and all the political affiliates. Rob Port then proudly adds it to the sayanythingblog "Taking Back North Dakota" site for response. The Potowatimi Tribe has officially put up notice that if Rob Port tries to mention their tribe he will be baned also. Red Lake is getting bashed by bloggers now. Every city and country is visiting this site. Washington DC has been on it many times. The Bureau of Indian Affairs has been on it. It is Just that the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa has acted.

Bloggers have misused this privilege. They all seem young and have a narcissistic ideology. The rage that America is feeling is expressed irresponsibly. Their is no regard to humanity nor is there respect for privacy. The young minds that share this domestic violence are impressed with this same ideology. The media exploits this privilege as I heard Bill O'reilly say tonight "I have not read the blogs yet". For some reason bloggers such as Rob Port feel free to use the privilege without regard to consequences that a young mind might act on instead of simply expressing a point of view. Drugs, violence, sex, rape, murder, decapitation, down syndrome children, porn, vulgar language, race,homosexuality, and Religion are vividly reborn. All the ills of man are being expressed and pictures are being drawn by the perverted minds of our future. Meanwhile our government, Republicans and Democrats, Media continues to express an interest in these blogs. While we the parents are working as our children in High School, Grade School and College enjoy themselves on the internet. The Turtle mountain Chippewa Band acted

Every School shooting in this country has had some access to the Internet, what do we got Jihad ...also.
I think parents need to take an active roll in monitoring blogs.

Andy Laverdure said...

Banishment of Rob Port is justified. It does not affect his free speech. It is merely a way of ostracizing him for his appalling actions. Everyone is talking about "poor Rob", without really looking at the impact of his article and without looking at the hatred and ethnocentric racism spewed all over his so-called sayanythingblog site. Rob Port is sick, his followers are sick and the whole bunch deserves to be ostracized.

I am a tribal member, and I am appalled at the hatred Rob Port supports on his blog site.

Steve Cates, publisher of the Dakota Beacon should be ashamed at the support he gives Rob in his publication. The North Dakota Republican Party also supports Rob Port's blog. I wonder if they've even gone to the site to read the filth directed at Indian people? Shame on Steve Cates! Shame on the North Dakota Republican Party!

Andy Laverdure said...

The Rob Port sayanythingblog site not only spews ethnocentric hatred and racism toward Indian Tribes, it also spews misogyny and bigotry.

Look at the threads! Find out why the tribe banished Rob Port. Indian women are called "welfare whores"! Indian children are called "bastards". Indian people are described as non-taxpayers who live off of the "governments tit".

Also, there is porn on the site. Look at the thread "Michelle Manhart" dated January 11, 2007 and "Jessica Cutler" dated August 14, 2004. Both include clearly misogynist statements and both include full frontal nudity. Truly disgusting! Maybe the North Dakota Party (big supporter of Rob Port's blog) should think about "banishing" Rob! Steve Cates? Publisher of the Dakota Beacon, does he support nudity, porn, misogyny? Someone should ask him. He's also the chairman of the "North Dakota Family Alliance", a group that espouses christian values. Shame on you Steve Cates! Shame on you!

Matthew said...
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Andy Laverdure said...

Now Rob Port is calling all Indian people drunks! Genetics, etc. Anything to get a headline! The man and his blog site is sick! His type only believes in division and partisanship, not competence.

Andy Laverdure said...

It's interesting that the Poll on the banishment decision is posted on page one, but the comment area is way back on May 21, page 3. Couldn't the blog have a comment thread attached to the poll?