Thursday, May 10, 2007

Local blogosphere imploding?

What's going on with the local blogosphere? Last year at this time it seemed like I was announcing a new blog every other day. Now, it seems like another blog is shutting down every other day!

JGS hasn't been seen or heard from since late March. His My Grand Forks blog's last post was put up on March 29.

Dakota Huseby must be awful busy with her radio program because she sure doesn't seem to have much time for her Voice of Dakota blog. Blog posts have been extremely infrequent as of late and now comes word that the blog is "invitation only". How does one get "invited" anyways?

Also, the Culture Pulse blog hasn't been updated since February, the Greater Grand Forks Yuppies haven't posted since last December, and even the new Grand Cities Dining blog hasn't had a new restaurant review for almost a month. Dale, that blog showed such promise...keep it up...please!

Really, I don't know what the deal is, guys. Why start something and then just abandon it?


Matthew said...

I'm glad now that classes are over you're back to writing your own content. It gets boring when all there is to read here are comments.

Keep it up!

UND/NDSU student or faculty? Campus Dakota.

Charlie said...

As usual, you put into words what many of us are thinking; maybe that's why this blog seems to prosper. (Although we could all do well without the putdowns of late by mostly anonymous participants.)

The strong survive: Grand Forks Life, The City Beat, The Dullum File, Prairie Pundant

...and yes, I, too, enjoyed Dale's restaurant reviews. I guess I figured he was a lot like myself, and didn't get to a different eating establishment every week. (But I checked, daily, to see if he had!)

Some, like Huseby's, perhaps, had too narrow viewpoints...a couple of other blogs seemed merely "copycats" of this one.

Just one guy's kneejerk reaction, here...sure hope the blogs pick up again, keep going.

And I have missed Culture Pulse, as well, for what it's worth.

ec99 said...

Progressive Palette seems to have fallen into the hands of a religious person. Other blogs have died. That's the way it goes.

Anonymous said...

Progressive palette is now a splog and should be removed from any local lists.

Peder Rice said...

I moved to Omaha and didn't take my blog with me :)

dale said...

I am super ultra busy right now and haven't had time to do any writing online for a while. I'd like to get back to it (my wife, in fact, dinged me for it at dinner tonight,) but that may not be in the cards, at least not real soon.

Rob said...

Writing a blog is harder than it looks. It takes a lot to stay generative over a long period of time.

Take it from me, someone who has averaged about 10 posts every single day of the week for nearly four years now.

Good Ol' Boy said...

In my particular case, I have been wrapped up in a new job, with little time for blogging- I don't even have time to read all the GF blogs all the time. Sorry if I let the blogosphere down. *SOB* I'll try and do better if its convenient and I think I have something noteworthy to say and I can support my stated position against the onslaught of opinionated anonymous idiots and... and...

Anonymous said...

I agree. What is wrong with the blogs. Hennen's Hot Talk is now moderated, your comments may be accepted ! Dahota is now by invitation. What a bunch of crap ! greenglass4.

Anonymous said...

I agree that there is something amiss and fishy going on with the blogosphere. Go to any random blog, keep pressing the next blog button and you will see there are usually ZERO comments thereon. If this is supposed to be a worldwide web, then there would be more comments on blogs. There's also some evidence that the few comments that are generated emanate from the same source, ie. Google, Typepad, employees that are keeping certain blogs afloat whilst ignoring others. What is the point of this, you might be asking? Well….there is a theory that ALL platforms will start charging a nominal amount for their blogs, so that in the event that the blogger libels or besmirches somebody or a famous person, then they can be traced from their bank account details.

There’s also some evidence that anonymous trolls (look up the current trend of “astroturfing”) have been paid to place vicious comments in order to close the blog from public scrutiny, for example, making the blog only accessible to invited parties, which is sometimes the only course of action to stop the vitriol that is used against bloggers.

A blogger