Friday, September 08, 2006

Newsbits: Prairie Pundit, Herald

Prairie Pundit has made the move over to the Area Voices site. Tu-Uyen Tran did it a few days ago and now Tom Dennis is following suit. Once again, these moves are taking place because Forum Communications, the new owner of the Grand Forks Herald, wants to consolidate all blogs by Forum employees on the Forum's own blogging site. So be sure to change your links to point to the new address for Tom's blog. Good luck to Tom with his new home over at Area Voices!

The Herald seems to be in a rather vigorous mode of expansion. After years of layoffs, the paper has had many ads lately advertising various positions with the company. I think it's great to see the Herald finally able to "spread its wings" instead of always cutting back.

Keeping with my apparent fascination with all things Herald, I see that the paper's At Home monthly magazine is going to be changing to a weekly magazine. They even have a position out for a new editor. Since I like architecture and love seeing inside of other people's homes (especially the historic ones they often show) I always enjoy At Home. Seems like yet another sign that the Herald is growing and expanding into new areas. The Herald's monthly women's magazine also strikes me as something that has lots of growth potential. The Area Woman magazine in Fargo-Moorhead seems to be very popular in that community...perhaps the Herald can use that as a model for their own women's publication.

Ok...enough with all this free advertising for the Herald!


Good Ol' Boy said...

Nice to hear of positive things at the Herald. BUT....

I certainly do not like their new web site. It's all arty and colorful and all that, but I am not convinced its easier to navigate around in.


vcsuvike said...

As much as I hate the Forum... Bravo to the Forum for bringing the Herald back to what it should be... a great newspaper company.

Anonymous said...

Arty? It looks like the classifieds.

Anonymous said...

Great. Maybe they'll mount a web cam someplace other than the parking lot of WDAZ.

Tu-Uyen said...

Yeah, we should have a Web cam on top of the clock tower. It would look toward Third Street.

By the way, thanks GFG for the publicity.

GrandForksGuy said...

A webcam on the clock tower would be great! Speaking of the clock tower, the last time I was downtown I noticed that, on one side of the tower, a letter had fallen off of the word "Herald". Hope that got fixed!

Tu-Uyen...I don't mind giving the paper a little publicity. Besides, I've been having a hard time lately trying to think of things to blog about. I haven't had any "scoops" for a while.

I'm feeling very unoriginal. Any ideas that maybe I could flesh out into a few posts, anyone?