Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Kohl's development coming along nicely

The other night I did a little trespassing. Ok, I guess it wasn't really trespassing. I drove into the parking lot of the new Kohl's store on 32nd Avenue. I parked right in front of the store, got out, and plastered my little face up to the windows of the store. It looks like things are going pretty well in there. The building itself is entirely finished and the store looks totally "fixtured". Now, all that's left is to stock the store...which I'm sure is no small task.

It looks really nice inside and I'm excited that Grand Forks shoppers will be getting yet another shopping option. One less excuse for going to Fargo...now if we could just get an Olive Garden to satisfy Grand Forks' apparently insatiable appetite for over-priced pasta. Kohl's is supposed to open sometime next month.

While I was trespassing in this area, I decided to take a look at the new strip mall being built in front of Kohl's. I parked by it and walked all around it. This is going to be a very nice looking strip mall. I'm impressed with the design of the place. Hopefully some other developers will see that something as simple as a strip mall can look nice and appealing to the eye.

I'm still wondering what all is going to go into the strip mall (and the others being built around town). I've previously mentioned the new "Bobbi's" women's clothing store that is supposed to be moving in and I've been meaning to mention that I hear Computer Renaissance is also planning a move to this strip mall. I'm not quite clear whether or not the new Golden Corral restaurant is going into this strip mall or an as-of-yet-unconstructed free-standing building west of the strip mall. I've heard both potentialities. The southern half of the strip mall does have that portion that sticks off to the west and it is a very large spot...probably large enough for a restaurant. Anybody know if Golden Corral is going to have their own building or if they're going into the strip mall?

I'm excited to see what else might come to some of the vacant land in this whole development. Like I mentioned earlier, Ashley Furniture seems to be planning a new store in this area. I wonder what else might be on the way? This is prime retail real estate.

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The Whistler said...

Damn, you're not going to tell my wife about this are you?