Thursday, September 28, 2006

Last day for Hansen Ford?

I can't verify this, but I have recieved word that today may be the last day that Hansen Ford of Grand Forks will operate under the "Hansen" name. Supposedly, they will close this afternoon and remain closed until next Wednesday when they will reopen under the new "Lithia Ford" name.

Thanks again to my source!

Update - 9/30/2006 - 3:45 AM
The change of ownership from Hansen Ford to Lithia Ford is now "official."


ec99 said...

Hmmm. Strange. As of yesterday they were still running ads on KNOX.

Anonymous said...

Is this actually something that warrants a posting? Slow news day...

David M. said...

Why is it so strange that Hansen Ford would continue to run ads on KNOX? Hansen has been running an ad campaign with Leighton for a long time. The name is still the same, as of right now so you wouldn't start running ads for Lithia quite yet, that would be confusing.

The fact that the doors will be closed for a week says a lot about the new management. To me it says that they are comfortable with their new acquisition and that the marketing campaign that is currently in place is good enough to continue running.

Advertising is all about frequency. The more ads you run and for the longer you run them, the better they will work. Lithia runs a HEAVY radio campaign in Sioux Falls. I am sure they will follow Hansen's and their own suit in terms of radio advertising with the transition to the new name.