Wednesday, September 27, 2006


You might have noticed that Grand Forks Life looks a little different. That's because I have been moving from Blogger over to the new Blogger Beta. Eventually, all users of Blogger will have to move their blogs over to Blogger Beta. I wanted to make the move early because I think that this version of Blogger has many new featues that I wanted to be able to use.

Managing and updating the template of my blog will now be much easier and quicker. Also, the blog is supposed to load much faster and that's always a plus. The most exciting thing for me is the "label" featue which I will soon be implementing. This will allow me to add "labels" to each post to categorize it. That way, a reader will be able to bring up all of my posts about the Alerus Center, the local economy, city politics, or any one of a number of different topics. This will take a while to complete since I'll have to go back and attach labels to all of the posts that I have put here since last October.

I ask you guys to bring to my attention any problems you see with the website or anything you would like changed (fonts, colors, etc.). Also, I always encourage ideas for making my blog better and more interesting. Let me know what you think!


Dave Miller said...

I would suggest a move from Blogger to WordPress. I made the move and could't be happier.

That's my constructive suggestion. Regardless, I like your insight and (watch out DAZ'ers) dare I say reporting on city issues. GASP!!!

GrandForksGuy said...

Why do you like WordPress better than Blogger? I don't have any familiarity with WordPress so I'm just asking...

Some people at 'DAZ are scared of me. Ok, maybe not scared...perhaps irritated is a better term?

David M. said...

The fact that they are irritated means a lot more. That means you ARE a concern to what they do. They are news gatherers and you are becoming competition. That's irritating and it's scary. If they aren't worried about the local blogosphere growing into a viable source to new "news", then they need to have their puny brains lebotomized... and I might know a guy who could facilitate that.

In regards to WordPress... the templates are much nicer. The platform is more robust. I've heard better things about Blogger Beta, but they are still using the same tired templates, not to say that your site is tired... I'm just saying that with WP you have a much larger choice in terms of look and feel.

I also think you have better span control with WP.

There is a greater ability to install and use widgets for your site.

Blogger still uses Atom feeds.

The biggest difference is speed. Blogger is incredibly slow.

That is just some of why I like WP better.

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