Saturday, September 02, 2006

City Beat moves to Area Voices

Tu-Uyen has finally moved his The City Beat blog to Forum Communications' AreaVoices website. I'm sure a similar move for Tom Dennis' Prairie Pundit blog can't be that far off.

I personally have serious reservations about AreaVoices, but this is just a part of the buyout of the Grand Forks Herald by Forum Communications. It seems like Forum thinks they can do better blog hosting than the big guys. Mainly, I'm a little worried that locating a blog at something other than one of the big blogging sites will limit the blog's audience.

Still, I know that I for one won't be visiting The City Beat any less now that it is over at AreaVoices. I hope all of you, the loyal readers of the Grand Forks Blogosphere, will check it out on a regular basis as well. Tu-Uyen does a great job with his blog and he produces a lot of good content. Good luck, Tuey!

BTW, I know I've been very lazy with the blog lately. I've just been a little busier now that college is back in session. I'll try to do better...I promise!

Update - 9/2/2006 - 6:44 PM
Looks like Tu-Uyen has gotten a site feed on The City Beat after all. Because of this, his new posts will show up in my "Grand Forks Blogosphere" box on the left side of this blog just like before.


Dave Miller said...

Like you, college has taken a hit on my blogging and podcasting over the last week or so, but now that I'm into the schedule I can better work things in (I think).

Because of that busy schedule, I NEED the RSS feed. Honestly, if it's not in my feed reader it's not on my radar. And this is not a dig on Tran, I like the guy and love his work, but I will be visiting less because of the lack of RSS. Forum Communications so desparately wants to be considered a 'big boy' in the world of media, but they are wasting resources trying to do everything on their own. It's simply stupid, not good business and I'm shocked that they haven't got the RSS working yet. There's been almost a month of Area Voices bashing about the RSS... what the hell is taking them so long? F.C. doesn't get it and it's too bad because they are doing a disservice to their reporters that are blogging and providing greater coverage to what they are reporting on.

It's just silly.

Dave Miller said...

Like I just commented on Tran's Area Voices blog, the RSS is available if you are using FireFox or IE7. The RSS icon appears in the URL bar on the right and presto! RSS feed.

Regardless, I still reserve my same feelings for A.V. and Forum Comm. The fact that the comments are backwards sucks ass. I'm just saying.

Tu-Uyen said...

That's kind of funny. I use Netscape and didn't have a clue the RSS feed was up.

Tu-Uyen said...

Oh yeah, thanks to GFG, Rob and everyone else for the love. The City Beat appreciates it!

GrandForksGuy said...

Can you see your RSS feed now? I use Firefox and it shows up for me.

Something funny is going on with that little "Grand Forks Blogosphere" box on my's not showing up for me tonight. Hopefully it's just some bug with Google. Can you see it?

BTW, Tu-Uyen...remind whoever is in charge at the Herald to update that little footer at the end of your still has your old blog address.

GrandForksGuy said... the GF Blogosphere feed box is working correctly. Whatever.