Thursday, July 02, 2009

Toasted Frog to open location in Bismarck

A Grand Forks restaurant is set to open a new location in Bismarck by next year. The Toasted Frog has submitted a Renaissance Zone application to the city of Bismarck. As in Grand Forks, the Bismarck location would be located in the downtown area of the city.

Always nice to see a local business successful enough to not only build upon their initial investment but to be able to branch out to new markets.

And yes, Bismarckians, they do serve frog legs.


BrendaJo said...

This is great news! Now my Bismarck friends don't have to come all the way to GF for their deep fried pickle fix!

Julie R. Neidlinger said...

I work right next door to where they are going to be located. Looking forward to when they open.