Sunday, June 29, 2008

I want you!

I'm going to try something new here. In the past, I've put together all of the posts on this blog and you readers have only had a chance to have your voices heard in the subsequent comment sections. Starting now, I'm going to introduce occasional reader generated content to this blog.

The first reader generated content I'm introducing is something that I hope will be popular and fun. You know how we all love talking about the local dining scene so much? Well, now you can review a local restaurant and potentially have that review show up on this blog.

So what am I looking for here? Well, a good review should include some specifics (restaurant, day/time, menu items ordered) and some generics (your overall opinion of the restaurant, its prices, its menu, its service, and its atmosphere). Refer to the apparently defunct Grand Cities Dining blog for inspiration. Oh yes...please feel free to elaborate on the quality of the restaurant's napkins if you so desire.

Keep in mind that a publishable review should be of an appropriate length (not too short or too long). Also, I reserve the right to make spelling, grammatical, or syntactical changes. Reviews should be sent to:

Marilyn Hagerty, watch out!

Update - 7/9/2008 - 12:10 AM
So no one wants to review a local dining establishment? What made everyone clam up?


Anonymous said...

As I am the first here, I get to do the Olive Garden.

growingupartists said...

potentially? You mean you're screening us idiots? you can count me in as anonymous...,

growingupartists said...

And hey anonymous, you can have the Olive Garden...I get that family innovation of a restaurant downtown (it's italian), and Bonzers.

Anonymous said...

OK, here's my review of Olive Garden.

I went to the Olive Garden today for lunch and brought my good friend Fred U. Kemper. FUK had the salad and I munched on some tasteless, doughy, breadsticks while I waited for my soup. FUK decided the coffee was too expensive, but the portions were just right.

ndborn said...

For all you people complaining about the lack of restaurants in town ... here's a solution --- learn to cook great meals yourself!

We have taken some higher quality cooking lessons and love that we can make great quality food at home for a fraction of the price. Although, sometimes we do have to go to Fargo for ingredients.

I'm happy to say that we save so much money on not eating out. And, the times we do have to eat out in town, we just can't help but shake our heads at the $40 we just threw down the drain for food that wasn't even the quality we can make ourselves.

GrandForksGuy said...

"potentially? You mean you're screening us idiots?"

What do you mean? Do you think I screen comments before they're posted? That's never been the case. What I was talking about was restaurant reviews that people will hopefully email me. Obviously I can't go with just any old review that someone sends me. You must realize that a review would have to be at least a little well written and a little interesting in order to go up as a blog post here.

Barbara said...

ndborn: Where do you take a cooking lesson in GF? And where in Fargo are you getting ingredients you can't get in Forks?

I order online quite a bit but if there are other local resources I'd love it if you'd share them.

Coffee Guy said...

"For all you people complaining about the lack of restaurants in town ... here's a solution --- learn to cook great meals yourself!"

Funny, I complain about restaurants AND can cook. I had no idea these two things were mutually exclusive.

The fact that I can cook well and know what good food tastes like, yet don't feel like doing it every day, allows me to set higher standards for when I do dine out.

Glass Half Full said...

Cafe Mosaic in Fargo has held terrific cooking classes in the past. They are remodeling and opening up again in August.

Anonymous said...

Anyone wanting to post restaurant reviews should consider posting at a dedicated review site such as

That way EVERYONE can post... as much or as little as they would like... and it potentially could have a larger viewing audience.