Thursday, June 05, 2008

Draft Holiday Lighting Plan

Gone are the days of those faded, disintegrating red bells popping up on Grand Forks street lights each December. There have been plenty of complaints about the city's Christmas (or, to be PC, Holiday) decorations for some time now and the city is finally drawing up plans to spruce up its act. A draft plan has been devised which could see an entirely new holiday lighting program put into place in the near future.

According to the plan, the city's goals are to highlight Grand Forks' major commercial areas, develop a consistent theme, focus on high-impact high-efficiency displays, and encourage displays by private businesses.

In addition to the existing downtown lighting program, the plan calls for focusing the city's efforts to major commercial corridors including: Columbia Road from 32nd Avenue to Gateway Drive, Demers from the interstate to downtown, Gateway from the river to 55th Street, Washington from 32nd Avenue to Gateway, and 32nd Avenue from the interstate to Washington. The plan also raises the possibility of future expansion into newer commercial areas such as 42nd Street.

As far as developing a consistent theme, the plan calls for a white-light-based theme throughout the city. This would mimic the theme that already exists downtown and would make the decorations able to be used throughout the winter. The plan also mentions that this theme would make some of the decorations able to be used for other holidays or events throughout the year such as the July 4th celebration or ArtFest. Also, I might point out that white lights are very non-denominational.

The draft plan calls for a smaller number of impressive displays throughout the city instead of a more spread out "ho-hum" display. Such displays could include "intensely" lighted clusters of trees. Whatever type of displays are put up, the city plans to use LEDs in all decorations.

Finally, the plans would encourage private businesses to put up their own displays. The plan mentions the possibility of a one-time give away of light sets to businesses to encourage private displays. The city may also hold a lighting contest as another means to encourage businesses to light up.

As someone who loves Christmas and the whole holiday season, I'm excited to see what the city comes up with here. This plans sounds pretty good to me. What do you think?


Charlie said...

About time! The holiday lighting plan is an excellent idea, exciting. Count me in on loving the holiday season (the ONLY thing I love about winter)and the lights that go along with it.
If you've ever been in Kansas City around Christmastime, you've seen how attractive white lights, abundantly displayed on downtown structures, can be. Grand Forks will be just as beautiful!
Kudos to those that are working towards making GFKS even more attractive!

Anonymous said...

If t. Bjerky is elected he'll probably find a reason for the city to no longer put up any lights as it ain't governments job to celibrate Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly, the LED lights look pretty good. If you watch just about any news show on NBC or MSNBC, you'll notice the LED lights in trees at Rockefeller Center in the background.

growingupartists said...

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Anonymous said...

Put the old decorations in the museum!
GFGuy: It still is ok to say "Christmas"...lets not let a few complainers ruin it for the majority of us.
If one or two don't like decorations celebrating Christmas, they can close their eyes as they are driving on the roads :)

GrandForksGuy said...

growingupartists, ever heard of my open threads? That's a good place for off-topic, slightly incoherent posts. :)

Anonymous said...

slightly incoherent posts?

Anonymous said...

Totally incoherent rants!

the wandering object said...

sure you didn't fake the post, g.u.a., sure ya didn't ... and I bet you're being eaten by a wolf, too, right?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the dingo ate your baby.

Anonymous said...

so where is the new gay bar?

Anonymous said...

Where and when is the Firkin English Pub opening??

Anonymous said...

8th & Walnut?

Mary said...

Oh sure, bait the hook!

webmasterzero said...

I think it's great that GF is finally investing in some new holiday decorations. Hopefully this plan comes to fruition.

Mary said...

Whatever gets us through the winter.

growingupartists said...


Plum said...

Oh I am SOO excited to hear everyone BITCH and MOAN in the Herald mailbag about how the EVIL City is WASTING all your precious tax money on holiday displays when the figures and costs are released.

Anonymous said...

Hey Plum, blame it on MackNamara, he may be a warmonger, as a correct definition, his bus ran out of gas Sat on Columbia Road. No one will give on air support, see WDAZ interview, all the heavy hitters are supporting Mayor Brown. greenglass4

Anonymous said...

Considering yourself a 'heavy hitter' now are you, greenass?

Anonymous said...


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