Monday, April 02, 2007

Additions to the local business scene

There is a list in Monday's Herald that details all of the new businesses that are coming to town in the near future or have recently opened. There isn't really very much in the list that we don't already know about, but it is interesting to scan through the developments.

Two interesting things:

The new University Village strip mall has at least two confirmed tenants: a chiropractor and a nail salon

The new Homestead Grove strip mall on South Washington (the one across from the Aurora Medical Park) has at least one confirmed tenant: a fitness center. As has already been mentioned, the developmet will also be home to a Choice Financial bank branch and the new offices of Crary Development.


dale said...

Some personal comments:

Rhombus Guys

Ate there on Saturday night and loved the chicken alfredo pizza. Excellent crust. Large pizza + bread sticks (very good) + one dessert for K came to about $35, a little pricey but not too bad. We'll be back.

Flower Bug

For Valentine's Day, I bought my wife some roses from Hugo's. They were okay, but about three days later, they were destined for the trash. The next day, a friend told me about Flower Bug, so I went there a couple of weeks later to get flowers for our anniversary. Bruce made a custom arrangement, based on what I said I wanted to pay, and it was awesome! She loved it, put it on display in a curio case in the living room and they lasted two weeks.

If you need flowers, I highly, highly, highly recommend these guys.

Furniture Row

Wow, can this place be built any slower? Ashley Furniture as well... seems like it's taking forever to get them open (can you tell I'm waiting to buy something? :-)

Golden Corral

Went to lunch there on Friday with Justin. First, there ain't no Lenten special (fine with me, I don't like fish :-) Second, get there before noon. We got in at about 11:15 with no wait, when we left at noon, there was a massive line, and the restaurant itself was almost entirely full.

Homestead Grove

I guess that's where the 24 Hour fitness place is going, despite their statement they'd be at 32nd and Washington. That's actually a nice fit for the area.

Moving out

Though it's never good news to see anyone go out of business, and I'm sorry for the employees, I don't think that I spent too much time or money at any of these places (probably part of the problem :-)

Both Rex and Hancock have their replacements out on 32nd, but I don't think that Big Lots has any sort of counterpart beyond thrift stores (which don't sell new stuff,) so that's a bit of a loss.

ben said...

Big Lots sold mostly "factory reconditioned" items. In other words, they either got returned by the store or consumer as defective, they were fixed, and sold again. I shy away from those items, and I think I am not alone. Some of the merchandise there was new and very well as competitively priced. I will miss Big Lots. Apparently (as mentioned before and in other blogs) it was part of a corporate restructuring plan. Not much a local store can do about that...

ben said...

Also...what roads lead to Furniture Row? As best I can tell, it is a prarie trail, at best. I suppose they are taking their sweet time until they can build access to it? Anybody know if they are going to extend 40th Avenue to that location, or if they are just going to stretch the access from Target?

vcsuvike said...

I've heard other things are supposed to be built near Furniture Row. I would think not having proper roads is slowing the progress. After seeing the store in Bismarck... it is well worth the wait.

Blue Light Shopper said...

I hate to see Big Lots go. I found the prices to be pretty decent. I see Kmart has shut down its photo developing center. I wonder if that's gone for good, or if they're updating?

Goon said...

Wells Fargo and Valley Dairy across the street. Wow, more visual polution.