Friday, April 27, 2007

Poll: grading Grand Forks' recovery

Time for a new poll question: How would you grade Grand Forks' recovery from the events of 1997? Cast you vote now and then share your thoughts in this thread.

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DrJ said...

It seems that the recovery has been very impressive, and a lot of progress has been made to the community. A lot of money has been spent to spruce things up.

Given the (seeming) desire to be a well-respected quality-of-life community, I often wonder why the city has not yet upgraded the Waste Treatment facility west of town to something more modern than an open pit? The stench that emanates from there can be sickening, and depending on the prevailing wind, can be quite strong by the McDonald's on Hwy 2 to the east or out to the west, well past the airport.

The city would be doing itself a BIG favor to try to curtail some of the stink that pervades the air on a daily basis, and makes driving from GF to EGF a very unpleasant proposition.

Time to move into the 21st Century for sewage treatment; just imagine how property values would go up if the air didn't stink so much all year long!