Tuesday, January 09, 2007

"Thanks for the good times!" - Vastlane closes

Vastlane, a pioneer in the local user-generated content community and a forerunner of the Grand Forks Blogosphere, has ceased operation. In a short note dated January 2 at the vastlane.org site, "VL" says "Its time to close up shop".

Long before there was Grand Forks Life or any of the many other Grand Forks blogs, Vastlane was the place to discuss the local community. Thanks to Vastlane for being a pioneer and for giving the community a gathering place. You'll be missed!


Anonymous said...

Best of luck vastlane. Thanks for being part of this great blog community.

Rob said...

That's too bad. I always liked vastlane. If they'd updated their platform a bit more it could really have been a great portal for North Dakotans.

They were truly pioneers. Vastlane was in existence even before my blog was. I still remember when they emailed me to welcome me to ND blogging.

It really is too bad they're shutting down.

Elucidarian said...

I once posted frequently. For all it's charm and good intentions the site couldn't compete with the new technologies of the online community. Nothing shall ever be like the valley's own voice on the internet a Vastlane was.

Be sure to check out Agricouture, before it vanishes as well.

Semireg said...

The comments about "updating their platform" and "could not compete with new web technologies" are true. Vastlane was running an aging installation of 2003-popular php-based content management system. It's too bad... it needed some TLC and a nice new domain with the word Nodak in there, somewhere.