Thursday, January 11, 2007

Building the future of UND

UND is proposing $80 million dollars worth of new construction in the near future. The projects are detailed in a report for the 2007-2009 North Dakota legislative biennium. House Bill 1003 contains proposals for funding projects on several college and university campuses across the state. No campus is proposing more construction than UND. Click here for a more detailed breakdown of the projects.

UND projects include:
Allied Health Facility - $20 million
American Indian Center - $10 million
EERC Commercialization Center - $5 million
Earth Systems Science Building - $5 million
Indoor track facility - $15 million
Memorial Union front entrance - $4.5 million
O'Kelly/Ireland lab - $2.2 million
SMHS lab and administration renovations - $9.8 million
SMHS Bismarck FPC graduate center - $4.5 million
Wilkerson Dining Center renovations - $4 million

In addition to these, President Kupchella is also talking about at least $50 dollars worth of additional projects for the near future including a $29 million steam generation facility and a $20 million graduate-level business building. Also, there should be more private development on the UND campus in the near future. A University Village hotel is sounding more and more like a sure thing.

UND has some pretty impressive plans, to say the least.


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Brooks said...

wow. makes me sad that I'll probably graduate before alot of these things are realized.

Anonymous said...

I liked it better when it was a dirt road.