Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Open Thread #13

Need topics?

What does the State of the Union address mean for the region?
How about that RiverWalk Center...what would you do with it?
Anybody go grocery shopping at Menards yet?


Anonymous said...

Here's some great news. I snagged the below information off of a MySpace bulletin that's going around. I'm sure everyone has heard about the show. The Empire is an awesome venue and this will be a spectacular show. Take a look at Tom's sites, he's on a big roll. A quick Google search will also reveal a ton of information. I just bought my tickets, and I ecncourage everyone else to do so.

Congratulations on your success Tom!

415 DeMers Avenue Grand Forks, ND
Sat. January 27th 7:30
$15 Advance, $18 At the door
With Special Guest ADAM LEVY
Tickets at The Chester Fritz Box Office and all Ticketmaster Outlets.

This is a record release show. "GRAND FORKS" available in stores 1/23/07. The CD was inspired by the Red River Flood of the North. Performing with Tom is classical violinist HILARY HAHN. Hilary is a GRAMMY award winner. Adam is the leader of the fantastic Mpls. band, THE HONEYDOGS. Meet and Greet to follow at Sanders. Copies of "Grand Forks" on-sale all night.

Tom is a native of Grand Forks and veteran of PEANUT BAR LIVE, the singer-songwriter showcase that was every Thursday at THE HO. Take a look at Tom's sites, Tom is enjoying an amazing International career. Buy your tickets at The Fritz and save all TM service charges. Local TM # is 701-772-5151.

GrandForksGuy said...

This sounds like a great event. I've been very intrigued lately after hearing there is a CD named Grand Forks...that has to be a first!

dale said...

Indeed it is.

Here's a review of the album. Note that the happening has turned into a "killer flood." Must have meant the mosquitos.

Anonymous said...

Who new Grand Forks was in Nebraska...huh? That reviewer missed the boat. That's one of those...grab a line from here, grab a line from there, reviews.

Google Tom. Check out his sites. Take a look at the iTunes reviews. To say the critics love a huge understatement.

Hint...Hilary Hahn could sell out The Fritz at 50 bucks a ticket with the proper promotion. And, here she is performing with Tom for $15 at The Empire.

It will be a phenominal night.

Also...Adam Levy, the support act, is great!

Goon said...

Hey I didn't know I live in Grand Forks, NE.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing a show at The Ho over 10 years ago by a Minneaplolis band called The Idlewilds. It was a release party for their CD entitled, "Grand Forks". The album cover art had a shot of 3rd St. in about the early 60's.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the gas war in Grand Forks. Makes one take a second glance at the dollar figure when filling the tank---almost like something is amiss.

Everyone used to blame the Simonsons when gas went up; Dusterhoff seems to be the current topic when gas prices are discussed in the local media.

Do you think they really are 'giving it away'? Opinions, anyone?

Anonymous said...

There's a related indirect, intangible, issue to gas prices here in town. That factor is tobacco kick-backs. C-stores that sell alot of cigarettes, rake in big bank off of the tobacco companies, because Grand Forks must be one of the highest % of smokers per capita in the country, no actually...The World.

A store that sells lots of cigarettes can play harder with their gas prices. Simonsons sells a TON of cigarettes. However, not long ago, before there was as much competition, the boys would get together for "coffee"...winky-winky.

Did that keep gas prices up?

You Betcha!

Nate said...

Kupchella is retiring next January (or as late as next June). I think he has done a pretty good job during his tenure at UND. I haven't agreed with everything he has done, but he has done a lot for the University. It will be interesting to see how UND fares over the coming years. Kupchella is leaving UND in good health for whomever succeeds him.

Link -

Anonymous said...

I know this topic is beat to death but, this just has to see the light of day.

The President of The Alerus Commission found a lap dog to jump on their supporter band wagon. And, oh my god! This dude is an Econ professor at UND. Take a look at this quote...

"The event center's operational deficit during the study period year was about $245,882, or $1.03 per attendee. When $759,077 in Grand Forks tax revenues generated by the Alerus are figured in, the events center actually had a net profit of $513,179, or about $2.14 per attendee, according to Blackwell."

Ahhh, dude, excuse me? The tax collections contribution for that period, that you didn't factor into the operating loss, was about 4-500K. So, sorry, you're just another spinmeister. It's sad that a professor would compromise his credentials just to try play with the "in-crowd".

Sorry to point out another Alerus issue. But, we live in an era where "news" needs to be scrutinized or the reader is just getting played.

Also, the majority of the convention side sales are just "offsets" that were previously realized at other banquet facilities in town. The professor should understand the econ concept of offsets. UND should walk the dude.

The real story that never sees the light of day is the fact that the commission focuses on losing less, rather than pursuing more event days that attract from outside of town to capitalize on the multiplier theory.

What are the annual sales since the place opened? I'd bet good money that they are sliding downward.

ec99 said...

As regards Kupchella, I think he realized that any gain in one area would have to mean a loss in another. He worked to increase the inflow of research dollars, in fact, created a whole bureaucracy in that area. Set in motion the plan to go D I in all sports. Confronted the NCAA. And tried, without much success, to increase salaries to keep people at UND. From my experience, what essentially got lost in all of this was undergraduate education. In many departments, the 4 year bachelor's degree is no more. Students have ended up being the source of positive cash flow, not subjects for instruction.

GrandForksGuy said...

Hey gang...I need a little help here. I came across this screenshot of my blog and the title of my blog is screwed up in the pic. The "d" of "Grand" is on a separate line from the rest of the word. I just made the font a little smaller so hopefully that won't happen anymore. What I'm asking you guys is, does the word "Grand" split to two lines on anybody's browser? It looks so dumb that way...

Anonymous said...

Not on firefox on Wiondows XP

dale said...

Looks fine in Safari on Mac OS X 10.4

C. Y. said...

I'm glad there's another Mac user, only I use firefox on Mac OSX 10.39

Anonymous said...

Mac dude here also. OS 10.3.9, Safari.
Windows? No thank you.

(My PowerBook even came with some funky-ass Aatrix software) ;-)