Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Walking the labyrinth

On Sunday, a friend and I had a picnic in a downtown Grand Forks park. After our meal, we took a brief stroll down 3rd Street and into the Greenway. We wanted to take a look at the new labyrinth that has been constructed in the Community Green area south of the Sorlie Bridge.

The labyrinth was dedicated on Saturday in honor of former Grand Forks Herald publisher Michael Maidenberg. Maidenberg has been credited for encouraging the revitalization of downtown Grand Forks after the flood, so the city wanted to express their gratitude in some way. Maidenberg had called for construction of a labyrinth in the Greenway a few years back.

I think the labyrinth is a great addition to the Greenway. It offers an excellent opportunity for residents to spend a few moments reflecting, praying, or meditating as they walk to the center of the labyrinth and back again. Something like this gives the Greenway a touch of class and was a unique idea. What better place to add a meditative spot than in the center of the city?


Anonymous said...

Honoring Maidenberg.

A new low for the town of Grand Forks.

GrandForksGuy said...

What do you have against Maidenberg?