Saturday, August 19, 2006

Newsbits: Area Voices, new GGFYP blog

Area Voices vs. Blogspot
Looks like the Herald's UND Hockey blog is moving from their old home to a new home at the Fargo Forum's "Area Voices" blog hosting site. The move is "part of the transition from former Herald owner, Knight Ridder, to the new owner, Forum Communications Company". Not the greatest move, in my judgement. I've never been a big fan of Area Voices. I hope this doesn't mean that the City Beat and Prairie Pundit blogs have to move to Area Voices too. Tu-Uyen? Tom?

New Grand Forks blog...
Greater Grand Forks Young Professionals have started their own blog, check it out. Our friend Tu-Uyen Tran is a board member of GGFYP and he has done all of the blogging so far...under the name "Tuey". Is this something that people really call you, Tu-Uyen, or are you just being cute here? "Tuey" does roll off the tonque a little easier than "Tu-Uyen". Anyways, great to see the local blogging community get bigger!


Rob said...

Whoever wrote that Area Voices blog platform is about 3 years behind in blog technology.

I hope the others don't move. It's a terrible platform. No RSS feeds or anything!

How in the world can you have a blog without an RSS feed?

If the Herald wants almost nobody to read their blogs they should move to Area Voices.

Tu-Uyen said...

Rob: Point well taken. I'm not real eager either.

GFG: Dang it man, you're too quick! It was kind of a soft opening, beta testing kinda thing. Well, now it's out. Welcome one and all. Notice we've already got some hecklers, the mark of a good blog.

Yeah, my closest friends shorten it to "Tuey." Sometimes they just call me "Tu." Sometimes it's just "T." Sometimes they don't call at all. Haha.

GrandForksGuy said...

I'm a quick one, Tu-Uyen. You can't hide much from me!

You've even been added to that little continuously updated blog box on the left side of my blog.

Rick said...

AreaVoices sucks terribly.

Tuey said...
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Tuey said...

Yeah, but it's owned by the Forum. Maybe they'll let us customize the site and make it better. Or maybe they just want ad revenue.