Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Toasted Frog

Something called "The Toasted Frog" is going to be taking over the old Lola's restaurant location at 124 North Third Street in downtown Grand Forks. The new business is a restaurant/bar. Something about the name "The Toated Frog" sounds vaguely like an Irish pub. That would be a good addition to the downtown scene.

On a side note, the adjacent Joe DiMaggio's restaurant is for sale (not the building, just the business). This restaurant started out with a bang when it opened after the flood, but has struggled for the last few years. It has already changed hands once since opening and it looks like it will do the same again. It would be nice to see the space redone and turned into another restaurant format. In my opinion, when Joe DiMaggio's first opened it seemed to be much more family-friendly than the establishment it has become.

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Anonymous said...

My wife and went to this restaurant and we enjoyed great food, great atmosphere and wonderful pricing. A must when in G.F.