Thursday, December 15, 2005

Dirty dining?

The Grand Forks Public Health Department has come out with their list of restaurant inspection scores again. There weren't too many suprising scores to me. Of course, the local Chinese cuisine restaurants are, as always, among the lowest scoring...but they're so yummy anyways! One establishment that did score quite low (84) was the Starbucks on Washington Street. What's up with that? They only serve coffee and a brownie now and then. What are they doing that made them earn such a low score? It has always seemed fairly neat and tidy in there to me.

Another tidbit that interested me. Last year, there were 130 "public kitchens" in town...this year there are 149. I know of several restaurants coming in over the next year so this number will continue to grow. To me, it's just another sign that we are growing all the time.


drunk said...

That's ok, I liked Caribou Coffee myself.

Heck, it's worth moving out there just for the good coffee! ;)

GrandForksGuy said...

I love both of them: Caribou Coffee and Starbucks...even if the latter seems to have some major food preparation issues. Come to think of it...I rarely meet a cup of coffee that I don't like. The first time I had Starbucks I was shocked by how "bitter" it tasted. The first sip still always tastes a bit harsh to me, but after that my palate seems to get used to it. I love coffee.

We should be getting another Starbucks soon in Grand Forks. One wanted to locate in the new Columbia Mall food court, but the only other coffee shop in the mall (The Ultimate Grind) has some bizarre contract with the mall that says that, as long as that coffee shop is still in business, no other coffee place can operate in the mall. Starbucks tried to buy out the Ultimate Grind, but the owner refused to be bought out...for now. I would love to have a new Starbucks in the mall!

JGS said...

Wow how many Starbucks does this town need now, lol. I remember a few years back we didn't have 1 starbucks in town, but now, we have 3 1/2 starbucks stores in Grand Forks and they all seem to be in the same area. Starbucks in the strip mall on 32nd ave S, then the other is just across the parking lot in Super Target. Then the other isn't too far away on S. Washington and now they want to build one in the mall.. thats like 3 in a 1 mile radius. Then the other Starbucks in Barns and Noble isn't really a full operating Starbucks but that would make a grand total of 4 1/2 starbucks in town if they do build one in the mall. Amazing.

GrandForksGuy said...

We can never have too many Starbucks!!!

I'm not sure if we will get one in the mall any time soon, but I would be a little surprised if we don't hear about at least one more coming somewhere in town during this year.

It was recently announced that the first Starbucks in Moorhead will soon be built near what will also be their first Qdoba.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break. I've worked in food service locally for 20 years, Which inspector you get makes a HUGE difference. So huge its ridiculous. Places that should be closed (not mentioning names) score in the 90's.