Tuesday, December 20, 2005

New hospital being built on south side of Grand Forks?

A couple weeks back, WDAZ had a report about all the construction currently going on near the Stadter Psychiatric Center on the south side of Grand Forks. They reported that there are rumours that one of the large new buildings being constructed is a brand new full-service hospital. I hadn't been by the construction for a month or two, but I drove by there late this afternoon. After seeing the new development first hand, I would be very suprised if there isn't going to be a new hospital opening up in 2006.

One of the new buildings is HUGE...way too big for any kind of psychiatric clinic addition...too big for any kind of a clinic, in my opinion. It would be monumental news if we are really getting a second hospital in Grand Forks. First, it would mean the end of Altru Health System's monopoly as the only full-service healthcare provider in the city. Second, a new hospital campus could be a catalyst for other developments much like United Hospital (now Altru) was back in the 1970s. Third, and most interesting, how is it that a new hospital is probably going to be opening in town in the next few months, but I haven't come across one classified ad for doctors/nurses/etc. to run such a facility? Is a mass exodus from Altru in the works?

Another interesting bit of news on the healthcare front is the fact that Altru is in the process of selling $40 million in bonds for additions and renovations to their facilities. It seems like the face of healthcare in Grand Forks will be changing in 2006. It will be interesting to watch.


drunk said...

This would be cool! By the time it's finished, I should have my EMT certification, and my girlfriend (soon to be wife) has worked in clinical research at the Stanford University Hospital for over 5 years now. Health care opportunities in the Grand Forks area would be great for both of us!

Mabye we'll see it this weekend when we're there. ;)

JGS said...

Isn't this the area south of town on S. Washington that has a new building being built that says something about a Cancer Center? What is it?

GrandForksGuy said...

Jgs, the construction is taking place in the area you are talking about. The Cancer Center was completed in 2005 and it is open for business. The new building that is being constructed is two stories tall and much larger than the Cancer Center. It is being built directly north of, and adjacent to, the Cancer Center. Since there is an actual physical connection, I would have to think that the new building will be some sort of medical facility. I really just don't see how such a big building can be another facility devoted to psychiatric treatment like the adjacent Stadter Center is.

Also of interest, a new family practice clinic, Northland Family Physicians, recently opened an office in another new (but much smaller) building in the same development.

JGS said...

Yeah now I know what your talking about. To me, that seems way to small to be a hospital. Maybe some kind of PRACS? But that would be kind of odd considering PRACS is in EGF but I just think it's going to be some kind of family clinic.

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