Sunday, October 14, 2007

Poll results: you're pretty young

If you're reading this, you're probably fairly young. My recent poll regarding the ages of readers shows that only about 10% of visitors to GFL are over the age of 50. Around 37% of readers are in their twenties, making this demographic group the largest on this blog. Click here for the full results.

under 10 13%31
10-19 7%17
20-29 37%87
30-39 19%45
40-49 12%29
50-59 6%13
60-69 4%10
70-79 0%0
over 80 0%1
233 votes total


Szymanski's Designated Driver said...

Ah yes, of course the blog's 3rd largest demographic is the "under 10" group. That explains a lot of the comments on here.

GrandForksGuy said...

I don't usually question the results of these polls, but that one looked a little fishy to me. Unless an entire class of 3rd graders visted the blog on the same afternoon, I'm not sure how that demographic jumped from 0% to over 10% in a matter of hours one day. Why would there be almost twice as many readers in the "under 10" category as there are in the "10-19" category? I wonder if someone thought it would be a good joke to skew the results...perhaps to poke fun at the intelligence level of the average GFL reader? It just doesn't add up.