Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Where you come from

Using good old Google Analytics, I looked up where Grand Forks Life readers come from. I thought you might find the data interesting. Keep in mind that not everyone necessarily lives in the city that the IP address associated with their visit originates from.

Top Ten Cities
Grand Forks, ND (25.34%)
Sioux Falls, SD (16.64%)
Fargo, ND (9.65%)
Minneapolis, MN (3.29%)
Cheyenne, WY (2.99%)
Winnipeg, MB (2.93%)
Rapid City, SD (2.58%)
Crookston, MN (2.55%)
Warren, MN (2.17%)
Prior Lake, MN (1.78%)

Top Ten States
North Dakota (41.14%)
South Dakota (20.89%)
Minnesota (15.29%)
Wyoming (3.16%)
Colorado (2.69%)
Florida (1.87%)
California (1.61%)
Illinois (1.28%)
Missouri (1.00%)
District of Columbia (0.96%)


Kelly Clow said...

"•Florida (1.87%)"


Representin' the 813, y'all!

Heh, heh.... ;)

Anonymous said...

:( NYC here...sadly didn't make the cut.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm certain I add to the Minneapolis/MN numbers. Providing Comca$h keeps things straight.

Anonymous said...

My IP always registers as Sioux Falls eventhough I'm in Grand Forks...

Anonymous said...

Boy, is this stupid and unscientific. IP's can be registered just about anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Midcontinent Communications is based from Sioux Falls, therefore all Midcontinent IP addresses show up as Sioux Falls.

I use Qwest DSL, and my IP always shows up as Fargo though I'm in GF.

GrandForksGuy said...

"Boy, is this stupid and unscientific. IP's can be registered just about anywhere."

I'm sure most readers know that, but that is why I added that caveat.

C. Y. said...

Calvin, ND
Rock Lake ND 1976 to 1981
Moved to Thompson ND in 1981
Grand Forks in 1984
about 12 miles out of GF in 2000

jo said...

Glasgow, Scotland right here :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah my IP is probably saying I'm from Sioux Falls even though I'm from rural ND, I figure this from those stupid ads that say things "HOT HOTTIES WANT TO MAKE SEX WITH YOU FROM Sioux Falls, South Dakota! CLICK HERE NOWZ!!!1`1"