Thursday, July 12, 2007

Postcard: old airport

Old Grand Forks airport

Readers who are relatively new to the community might be surprised to learn that the current site of the Grand Forks International Airport was not the first airport in the city. From the 1920s to the 1960s, the Grand Forks Airport was located just off of present day 42nd Street or just northwest of UND. The old airport terminal was saved and is now an office building located on 43rd Street. In the postcard, you can see 42nd Street running just behind the airport. Columbia Road and Highway 2 are in the background. The building you see in the distance is the State Mill and Elevator.


Jeni.Ann said...

If you drive along 43rd Street, you'll actually see a sign that looks like the tail of an airplane. That's the old entrance and airport name sign.

Anonymous said...

Even into the 60s 42nd St was a gravel road. By then a lot of students had cars. On Saturday nights 42nd St, as well as University Ave west of the coulee (also a gravel road), were lined with cars bumper to bumper with students "parking". I know this for a fact because I participated.
I don't suppose anyone ever tried to take pictures, but what an fun social story that would make.