Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Northside Cafe now open

The new Northside Cafe is now open for business on Gateway Drive. The restaurant is located in a portion of the old Westward Ho property. GFL first brought you news of the Cafe back in February.

I'm curious to know if any readers have been to the new restaurant yet. If you've been there, why not give us a mini review? For that matter...anyone interested in reviewing the new Al's Grill which is located just across the street from the Northside Cafe? Come Marilyn.


Charlie said...

What are you doing up at three in the morning, GFG? :O)

Al's Grill...two of us couples went there last week. The rumor of good sirloin tips drew us to make the choice of eateries, and we weren't disappointed. Not only were the marianated tips delicious and plentiful, but the service was excellent, and quick.

We'll definitely go back.

It surprised me that the restaurant hadn't changed inside since it was known as Fire Island...but that's alright, too. The place was quite full around the supper (or dinner, if you will) hour, and it was nice to see many familiar faces from the Grand Forks community enjoying a meal.

Whistler said...

I had lunch there at Al's once. The food was good.

The food came a bit late although I'll write that off to growing pains. It was very busy when we got there.

I'll certainly be going back.

Justme2003 said...

I haven't been to the new cafe, but it seems pretty steady whenever I've driven by. Seems like a lot of farm truck outside

Zaya said...

Al's is actually one of my favorite restaurants in town. Their sirloin tips and creamy reds are very good. My husband is a fan of their Al's BFO and Ziggy's BFO, also their Chicken Tortilla Soup. I'm not a fan of coleslaw and I even like that at Al's. Everyone I've gone to lunch with at Al's has been impressed as well. Sorry can't remember their napkins. They aren't as convenient located for me anymore, however I'm glad they are in a bigger location now. They were often only 1 or 2 tables shy of full when I'd go for lunch at their Washington location.

Siouxlover said...

I understand you may also be waited on by some UND women basketballers, so let's try and take care of these ladies when we can they sure make the winters better.

Anonymous said...

I catch you're drift. Let's give them really big tips (if you know what I mean, wink wink, like $20 each time).

Anonymous said...

I wasn't to impressed with the Northside Cafe. They are new so I will not gripe to much about the slow/bad service. But my burger was undercooked, I like mine done not pink-some people do but unless I ask it should be thoroughly cooked. Also we did not receive our salads, we kind of forgot about them anyhow, but still they didnt take the price off the bill. We asked for a pitcher of ice water and were brought out a lukewarm pitcher of water, then asked if we could get ice, and lost the pitcher all together. So hopefully things get a better over there, as it was very busy.

Anonymous said...

I heard business is good and they're pulling lots of customers from the 2-29 and Emerald. It could be people just checking them out since they're new.

Anonymous said...

I went to Al's for lunch today.

I might need to go again. The prices were pretty good, but the food was OK I thought. I think the people I went with would agree that it wasn't spectacular.

The service though was sloooooow. We hardly had a server come our way (and we weren't being rude or anything. We were just sitting there talking appropriately) and when we got sick of waiting to order, we had to walk around to get someone.