Friday, December 15, 2006

A war for a good cause

It's still not too late to get out there and support your favorite side in the Salvation Army Ring-Off challenge! The Herald crew will be at Michael's and the WDAZ crew will be at Home of Economy until 8 tonight. The onslaught of self-promotion by both sides has been almost impossible to miss so I'm sure this isn't really news to most people.

Still, remember that this isn't just about bragging rights between the two rivals. This is a good cause and the money that is (hopefully) pouring into both kettles will do good in the community.

So get out there and support your favorite Forum Communications media outlet. Yep, that's right...they're now both part of the same conglomerate, yet they still feel so competitive. It's kinda cute.

Update - 12/16/2006 - 4:20 PM
No word yet on the Herald site, but apparently the radio is reporting that WDAZ came out on top yesterday. Stay tuned for actual amounts raised.

Update - 12/16/2006 5:38 PM
The Herald is saying "Not so fast!"


Anonymous said...

The kettle war between the Grand Forks Herald and WDAZ-TV still is undecided as controversy reigns.

In the contest over which media outlet could raise the most money for The Salvation Army, WDAZ brought in $6,215.96 from its kettle site at Home of Economy on Friday. The Herald raised $5,615.57 at its kettle site at Michael's Arts and Crafts, plus an additional $5,000 match from the company's Giving Committee, which makes donations to local causes.

So, WDAZ claims victory. The Herald claims victory. Read the details in Sunday's Herald.

C. Y. said...

I was at Micheals for an hour or so and the Herald folks were having a lot of fun.

(Keep it a secret, but Marilyn H isn't fond of 105 pound shedding hounds)

Coffee Guy said...

This whole "war" makes me want to cancel my newspaper. The Herald staff should spend less time thinking of ways to diss WDAZ and more time at the editor's desk, because the typos are an abomination. They want to be the best small town newspaper in the country?

"The enemy."
"The adversary."
Try "The Spell Check."

GrandForksGuy said...

The Herald does have way too many typos, but WDAZ more than makes up for that with their all too often "technical difficulties" and the like.

Charlie said...

...and let us not forget that we, too, are all human. :o) I rather enjoy the folks that come into our lives each day, via the newspaper or the local television station. Ever meet Terry Dullum, Ryan Bakken, Milo Smith, or Mike Jacobs in public? They're...well, one of us! No big egos to tend with there.

GrandForksGuy said...

Ever meet Terry Dullum, Ryan Bakken, Milo Smith, or Mike Jacobs in public? They're...well, one of us! No big egos to tend with there.

I agree with you. It's nice when you find out that media people are actually very ordinary, unassuming individuals...most are just "regular folks", really. I think the "ring-off" just shows the kind of people we have working to bring us the local news here in Grand Forks. Congrats to the local media...and thanks.

Coffee Guy said...

They're...well, one of us! No big egos to tend with there.

We're talking about people in the local news business, not Dan Rather or Arthur Sulzberger. Of course they're one of us. That would be the expectation.

No, I don't watch camcorder news channels, so I don't know about their level of glitches. I do get the Herald, however, and just a week or so ago they announced in an editorial how they intend to be the best small town newspaper in the nation. That's not going to happen when there are misspellings in every single paper, which there seems to be.

Yes, the occasional typo can happen if you are not careful. I send out a newsletter to 2,000 physicians every other week. If made typos in every edition, or even a few typos a year, I would have been fired long ago.

C. Y. said...

My dogs love the GF Herald.

In fact they grew up with it.

Well, while they were house trained, they grew up on the GF Herald.


just kidding ! ! !