Monday, July 31, 2006

Thanks are in order

Just wanted to take the time to thank several blogs that have linked to Grand Forks Life recently. Thanks to the North Dakota Blue Blog for the link. Also, thanks to Vastlane for linking to GFL in there new "Blogs of Grand Forks" box. Lastly, thanks to the Say Anything Blog which came up with the creative idea to prominently include a box on their site listing the most recent postings on North Dakota blogs. It's always good when we link to our own kind. We gotta stick together!


Rob said...

You can add the block to your blog if you want. It's done through Google's Feed REader program, called (creatively enough) Google Reader.

At the bottom of my box there's a link for a feed of all the feeds I have. If you grab that feed, go into Google Reader and add it, then click on the "share link" you can copy/paste the code necessary to make it appear.

And if you do it this way whenever I add a new ND blog to the list it will update your list as well.

Neat, eh?

GrandForksGuy said...

Thanks for the idea, Rob. I played around with Google Reader and made up a box for my website that lists posts from what I like to call the "Grand Forks Blogosphere". I hope I did it correctly...the whole Google Reader website seems a little confusing to me. Thanks again...this is a cool idea.

Dave Miller said...

Any chance you can darken the green. Kind of tough to read. Otherwise... nice addition.

Rob said...

Looks like it is working for me, though I agree with dave that a different color would probably be more readable.

GrandForksGuy said...

Well, I liked the green the best, but how is the new color...khaki? I don't like how the title part shows up in there any way to change it to black or something?

Rob said...

I don't think you can change it. As near as I can tell Google just lets you pick from that list of templates...and that's all the customization you can do.

Too bad, because it's a really cool tool.