Thursday, April 13, 2006

Candidates for city council

We finally have some new candidates for the Grand Forks city council. Dorette Kerian and Gerald Hamerlik are leaving their seats this June, and that leaves Ward 2 and Ward 6 looking for new representation. Ward 4 is also up for election, but no one other than incumbent Hal Gershman has announced their candidacy.

Here's a look at the current candidates...

Ward 2:
•Mike McNamara
McNamara is a local KNOX radio personality. A long time military man, he is currently serving in Iraq and won't be coming back at least until this September. He would be the only city council member who doesn't live in Grand Forks. McNamara has been an outspoken critic of city government for years. If he were to win, I can see some heated council meetings and higher ratings for his show. Maybe that's the idea...
•Peder Rice
Another outsider to city government, Peder (with a D) Rice is a sophomore at UND majoring in Computer Science. Originally from Minot, Rice has been the webmaster of Minot Public Schools. We can get to know him a bit better by looking at his postings at a Mac computer website...check it out. It's pretty cool how Google has made candidates for public office much more easily scrutinized. Rice should make an interesting candidate. Both McNamara and Rice have things going for them and things that will work against them. This should be an interesting race to watch.
Update - 4/14/2006
We now have two more candidates for Ward 2: Tom Kenville Jr. and Jon Dorner. Dorner is president of Northstar Insulation of Grand Forks. You can read about the Ward 2 race in today's Herald. Also, the article states that Peder Rice is chairman of the local College Republicans. That will probably either make you love him or hate him.
Update - 4/17/2006
One more candidate for Ward 2: Cameron Stewart.
Also, I'm able to clarify now that the "Tom Kenville" we are talking about here is Tom Kenville, Jr., Vice President of Business Development for the UND Aerospace Foundation. His father is also "Tom Kenville" and that was a bit confusing to me.

Ward 4:
•Hal Gershman (Incumbent)
Gershman is the incumbent and a prominent local business man. He is currently running unopposed...and that's fine with me. Mr. Gershman is a level-headed man who has Grand Forks' best interest at heart. I have personally been in contact with him about local concerns and he is a very friendly, very helpful representative. If you're reading this Hal, ever thought of running for mayor in 2008? I would vote for you, if that means anything.

Ward 6:
•Tom Potter
Potter is a minister and the husband of state legislator/GF realtor Weezie Potter. It sounds like Mr. Potter wouldn't plan on making any big waves in city government. He is currently running unopposed. We'll have to wait and see if he gets any competition.
Update - 4/17/2006
One more candidate for Ward 6: former city council member Art Bakken.

Check back with Grand Forks Life to see if anymore candidates announce a bid for a seat on the council. You will see plenty more as election day inches closer.


Dave Miller said...

Mac will be a great addition to the city council. Vote Mac!

JS said...

People wonder why GF doesn't is because there have been few new voices in city govenment since the 1997 flood. If there weren't already a plethora of new candidates in Ward 2, I would have considered running. I can at least be pleased with that development, even if Ward 4 seems content for same-old, same-old and Ward 6's contest includes a former council member..another old voice. It is a shame there is so little interest in bringing fresh voices to government. Are we all *that* busy?