Monday, February 06, 2006

Office Max in Grand Forks to stay open

A confidential list that has been leaked apparently shows that the Grand Forks Office Max is safe from the recent round of store closings. The closest store that will be closing is in Hutchinson, Minnesota.



JGS said...

Doesn't look like any of the "major" cities in North Dakota and South Dakota got their Office Max taken away. Looks like it's doing good in both states!

GrandForksGuy said...

Yes, good to see that our stores apparently were doing good enough to stay open. It would be nice to get a Staples or an Office Depot in Grand Forks too. Competition is good. We actually did have an Office Depot at the intersection of South Columbia Road and 24th Avenue South for a couple of years before the chain shuttered many locations throughout the country including that one and the Fargo store. Oddly enough, just this past fall, the company reopened the Fargo store in the same building as they previously occupied. The defunct Grand Forks Office Depot store is now a huge dollar store/dollar grocery store.

JGS said...

Our old Office Depot was also in the worst location. Whenever stores open in that area they don't seem to last long. I think they should just demolish that entire area and rebuild it to look more modern and actually attract buisinesses. But thats just me.

GrandForksGuy said...

You're right...there have been a stream of stores that have not lasted long in that location. I can think of LaBell's (sp?), Best, and Office Depot...any more?

I'm not sure if this huge dollar store will stick around too long. Reminds me of the kind of place that would fill in such a spot until something better comes along. They have done as little as they possibly could to change the store into the dollar store. The floor inside hasn't been stripped and still shows exactly where each and every Office Depot shelf was located. Also, you might have noticed that the "ghost" of the Office Depot sign is still present on several locations on the exterior...apparently paint is much to expensive for the dollar store to invest in!

That whole strip mall is pretty underutilized. I wouldn't object to seeing it demolished like you suggest. The corner of 24th Avenue South and South Columbia Road is very should look better and have more viable businesses.

Chus said...

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