Thursday, February 02, 2006

Canad Inns: Bismarck?

Recently, the city of Bismarck has been fielding proposals for a new hotel that could be built adjacent to the Bismarck Civic Center. Enter Canad Inns: Bismarck. Yep, Canad Inns - the company who is spending $50 million dollars to build a hotel complex here in Grand Forks - has submitted a proposal to the city of Bismarck expressing interest in the new project. Canad was one of three companies that submitted proposals.

Somehow, I don't see Canad Inns spending $50 million dollars to build a 200-room, 13-story hotel complex in Bismarck next to the Civic Center. Compared to the Alerus Center, the Civic Center gets far fewer events and is a much older and smaller facility. Still, I'm sure Canad would plan on some variation of the tower type design that they recently used in Brandon, Manitoba and are now constructing here in Grand Forks. Very interesting to see this company trying to enter the American market more and more.


JGS said...

No way it's going to be anything like the one going to be built here in Grand Forks. Just looking at the different types of Canad Inn hotels, Grand Forks version looks to be the biggest compared to them all in Canada. But back to Bismarcks possibility, there just simply isn't enough room in downtown Bismarck around the civic center the last time I remember. Im sure they plan to build a smaller Canada Inns hotel if they actually get to build next to it.

Brent said...

Wow, Maybe the hotel wont be built, but I am sensing just a tad bit of jealousy, not rationality ...Coming from a Fargoan perspective