Monday, January 02, 2006

My nomination for Small Businessman of the Year!

Larry O'Connell, the proprietor of the Uptown/Downtown (Grand Forks' own "gentlemen's club" - featuring only the area's finest young women gyrating in g-strings and pasties), is back to his old tricks. The bar/strip club has come under fire recently for alledgedly violating the city's laws which prohibit nude or near-nude waitresses. Now, O'Connell...truly one of our area's great scared of the impending prosecutions and is closing the "Downtown" part of Uptown/Downtown..."Downtown" is the area with the stripping poles and the most questionable activity. Now, the fine establishment is going to be having a change of a "hip-hop dance club." Given the track record of O'Connell's business practices and the staying-power of his establishments, who knows what will happen when that venture becomes unprofitable...or about three months.

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drunk said...

You know, we're waiting for you to post some more. ;)

How about the weather? I heard it described as "balmy"

And why on Earth were so many Canadians down that way on New Year's Eve?