Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I'm glad to see that you found me here! This is my new blog all about life in Grand Forks. There is more to Grand Forks news than just the Herald. I intend to publish stories here that you won't find anywhere else. I may be a bit more gossipy than the more established media outlets. However, if I post something here, I do have some source or basis for the information that I provide. Also, in addition to just reporting the news as I see it, I will be posting quite a few of my own opinions about Grand Forks issues. I look forward to seeing you around here!


Anonymous said...

Of course no one goes to the mall.
It has (at last count) four upscale jewelery stores, no pharmacy, no toy store, no hardware, no furniture. How often does even the most affluent person shop for diamonds???

Kim said...

Hi! I have enjoyed going back through the first year of your blog. I've learned so much about Grand Forks in the short time I've followed your blog, its so much better than reading the newspaper and I love reading everyone's comments (at least when they are on topic) You do a great job of reporting the news and current events. I didn't know the mall had so many problems here. That is sad, I am a big fan of malls and would love to see Columbia flourishing...it is rather dull and leaves much to be desired. I know a lot more people are shopping outside the mall if they shop at all but it would be nice to see a Toys R Us fill that empty spot...I hate the drive to Fargo.