Friday, October 21, 2005

Good letter about UND neighborhood woes

Today's Herald has a letter from a Mr. Gordon Iseminger that I found particularly interesting. I watched the council meeting on Sept. 19 that Iseminger attended to urge the city council to move forward with enforcing/enacting stricter regulations in regards to rental property. He has some very good comments in this letter. Although I, myself, am a UND student, I think I can understand how sad and "dispiriting" it must be to have your neighborhood turn from Norman Rockwell into Animal House. Some students think they can behave however they want to now that they are out of "Mom and Dad's house", but their actions often speak more to their immaturity than to any shred of adulthood. It is immature to think that you and your friends can take over an entire city street or city neighborhood for seemingly endless parties. It is also immature to think that parking cars in front yards or having upwards of a dozen people living in one small house is acceptable. Likewise, it is simply pure laziness on the part of the city council that this keeps getting put off again and again.

To offending students: grow up. To the city council: wake up.

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