Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Poll results: More housing for downtown

Time to close the old poll question "Which Civic Auditorium redevelopment plan do you support?" Most respondents seem to think more housing for the downtown area is a better option than remodeling the old auditorium into retail space. (results)

Which Civic Auditorium redevelopment plan do you support?
Tearing it down and replacing it with a mixed-use development 75%88

Remodeling it into space for HB Light and Sound and other tenants
117 votes total


Anonymous said...

Do not tear it down ! We use to have Corvette Shows there, sponsor was Heirtage Corvette of GF.Many uses for it, just remodel and they will come. greenglass4

GrandForksGuy said...

"Many uses for it, just remodel and they will come."

I would be interested to hear what some of your ideas are. Of course, any building can be remodeled, but I don't think that means that it could reasonably and affordably be remodeled into a functional space that would truly be able to secure tenants. The question really is if a mixed use development would have a bigger longterm economic impact on the downtown area than a remodeled civic auditorium would have. I tend to think the mixed use proposal is the best option that has been presented so far. The important thing that I see is that any mixed use development should truly be MIXED use...enough space needs to be set aside for commercial development. BTW, I may be wrong but I really doubt that HB would be willing to invest the millions of dollars it would truly take to make the building attractive and functional for commercial tenants.

Anonymous said...

My idea for the building is this : mixed use is the best option, we can make it attractive and functional, for a lot less than millions ! I use to rent office space from the city for $50 a month in City Center Mall . Then flood came and rents went up ! This space could be rented out to non-profit agencies in the area. Plus a drop in day care center. How about sleeping rooms for working men and women in town ? Harvest help, pipeline people, and low income folks. Several art studios for UND students. And a mini Hugos, rent a bike center, coffee shop (50 cents), Subway shop,consignment shop, etc the options are endless like the summer. Sorry it's getting late. greenglass4

Anonymous said...


put your money where your key stroke is and see if you can make any of the those ideas cash flow. Great if you can, then you can buy it from the city, and rent office space to your self for $50 a month.


Anonymous said...

Hey Anon, it works in Fargo why not in GF ? Check downtown Fargo. greenglass4

Anonymous said...

I would love to see artist studios go in there. The Northern Valley Arts Council and local sponsors, along with community and government grants could keep rents within reason. It could become the centerpiece of an "Arts District."

Anonymous said...

Biggest problem is the building maintenance, and it's needing a lot of repairs. I think the Sheriff's Office was interested in it to get out of the Police building (with the police dep't blessing) but it needs repairs over a million $$.

Anonymous said...

Does not need millions ! County empolyees were there when courthouse was remodeled. Peter Welt survived ! greenglass4

Anonymous said...

"County empolyees were there when courthouse was remodeled." ---- That's how I know.

"Peter Welt survived !" ---- No comment!

Anonymous said...

What do you think about him dropping charges over the Jewish incident?