Sunday, April 06, 2008

Keep those tips coming!

Hey guys, I'm feeling lonesome. Why? Because you seem to have forgotten about sending me interesting tips and rumors. I used to get a couple of good tips each day. tips. I'm feeling neglected! Your tips help to make Grand Forks Life more interesting and more frequently updated. So, come on...send me some tips, people!

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Anonymous said...

Want tips/rumors?
With cost of everything going up, corners will be cut to reduce costs. The rumor is parts of the new dike around town have weak points and could easily break during a major flood making the entire project worthless.

Anonymous said...

My sister heard that Sun County is going to start daily Grand Forks - Las Vegas service. Does that make sense? Or is it just a weekly or monthly charter of some kind. I didn't think Sun Country operated scheduled service.

And when are we going to see plans for the new terminal???

Anonymous said...

Anonymous traffic watchers are in full force with speed guns and cameras, will report to police any law breakers. Expect a bill in the mail in 5 working days of incident.

Anonymous said...

Can you please find out what that dark stuff is on the trees. It looks awful. It's been there for a couple of years. Is it from the great creepie-crawlie infestation a few summers back? Can't it be cut out of the trees? Shouldn't it be cut out of the trees?

It looks like, well, you know.

Anonymous said...

OK, since no one responded to my post on another thread, I'll modify it for GF Guy's request on this thread.

Tip: one or more new business must be moving into the main floor of the Opera Lofts building because the "For Rent" sign is finally down. So, who can dig up some info based on this mundane but potentially interesting observation? That site could certainly house some businesses that could revitalize the commercial aspect of downtown. With plenty of parking next door, it would also avoid one of the major complaints about trying to expand business downtown.

Anonymous said...

Cherished Moments and Meadowbrook Home Furnishings leaving downtown and moving to Grand Cities Mall (both a done deal). Berman's and Classic Jewelers closing at Columbia Mall and The Golf Center and Radio Shack (rumor, not fact) moving to locations on 32nd Avenue.