Friday, February 08, 2008

New poll: Target space uses

Time for a new poll question! The new question is "What would you like to see go in the old Target space?" Read all about this story in Ryan Schuster's Herald article.

I'm anxious to see what my readers have to say about their desires for the old Target space. This is a big space and, if done properly, a renovation of this space could potentially reinvigorate Columbia Mall.

Cast your vote and come here to discuss your thoughts! By the way, unlike in previous polls, you can choose multiple answers this time around.


wannagrapple said...

TRADER JOES!!!!! w00t!!!

jason said...

An indoor skate park. Although that will probably never happen.

How about an indoor miniature golf course? Nothing like that currently exists around here, and having it indoors would generate revenue year round. Would be a great place for kids birthday parties, dates, or just a weekend family activity. Maybe I'm alone here, but it seems like when my fiancee and I are looking for something to do on the weekends (especially in the winter), we always end up going shopping. There are enough stores in Grand Forks. I think something like this would be a great addition to the community.

Jimmie said...

I vote for Hobby Lobby, Dillard's, Whole Foods and/or Trader Joe's, and a nice, clean Burlington Coat Factory-type store (not unlike TJ Maxx, but larger and more organized).

Any of those above options will make me happy. Actually, what I'd really like is an outlet mall (Premium Outlets, like in Albertville!) in the vicinity. I'm sure our Canadian shopper friends would support it, but I suppose the problem is getting enough local people to work there. As we all know, almost every restaurant and retail store is hiring, so it looks like there are not enough workers as it is.

Anonymous said...

An indoor mini-golf seems cool, but how about a driving range that is indoors?
I seem to remember there were a big lack of golfing activities when I attended UND from 87-92.

Anonymous said...

If Trader Joe's is is anything like this Wikipedia entry describes, it wouldn't have any problem attracting employees.

I can't see Trader Joe's coming to ND, though. Between not being able to sell wine, beer, etc., losing a half day of business every Sunday, and the size of this market, I just don't see it benefiting the company. They're not Starbucks.

But, talk about a store that would inject some life into that mall! Wow.

Anonymous said...

Forgot this:'s

Anonymous said...

I think an L.L. Bean, Cheesecake Factory, and Borders Books would suffice!

Anonymous said...

new Scheels
a real (non college bookstore) Barnes & Noble

Anonymous said...

Yes, a bookstore would be a treat!

wendian said...

I never understood why Scheels never hopped on that space. Their current store is tiny and in a low-profile strip mall.

A Gameworks would be AWESOME. The Mpls one is constantly busy.

Alas, here are some other things I'd love to see in the GF mall:
-Crate & Barrel
-Gymboree and other baby boutiques
-Ann Taylor Loft
-West Elm
-Sur le Table
-Urban Outfitters
-a small movie theater
-If no Gameworks, then indoor fun & games like mini golf, bumper cars, a place to rent for birthday parties, maybe like Chuck E. Cheese (or Showbiz Pizza for us oldschoolers) etc.

Anonymous said...

I think some people are forgetting just how big the space is. I'd say it's too big even for an Urban Outfitters, and the one in Mall of America is decent size.

It'd almost have to be another solid department-type store or something like a new movie theater (which, really, we don't need now), a Gameworks or Dave and Busters style place, or (maybe) a real bookstore.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 5:05, the plan is to break up the space (see the herald article)

MattFacingSouth said...

I've been toting the mini-golf/entertainment center idea since Target left. Everybody complains there's nothing to do for dates except eat and drink, and drink, and drink - which may be fun for some but it should be pretty much a college-age thing. Unfortunately a lot of kids end up getting a jump start on that activity because there's not a lot for them to do otherwise.

It's nice to see the River Cinema come in and break that cycle up a little, but there needs to me more dimension to the entertainment choices in the area, especially for non-college age folks.

naturalplastics said...

I really like Steve and Barry's. That would be really nice.

Also, I came from a town with indoor mini-golf, and it was awesome.

Anonymous said...

I think an indoor activities center of some kind would be awesome. The space is large enough that you could have multiple things like mini-golf, bumper cars, move the arcade there, concessions, etc..

I would love to have a place to go with friends, my husband, and with our daughter.

I'm all for more stores/restaurants coming to town, but how many of the same old thing do we need? This area is impressed by something as simple as a CLEAN movie theatre, so I'm pretty sure we could easily support something completely new and "original" that welcomes everyone young & old.

Amy said...

I too dream of an indoor skatepark, but right now I'm just hoping for a decent outdoor park... *sigh*

I grew up in Anchorage, AK and as a kid, the Dimond Center (yep, that's how it's spelled) was a Saturday and Sunday destination for my friends and I. It's a mall that also features a bowling alley, a gym, an indoor skating rink, and a movie theater. As soon as Target vacated its spot in the Columbia Mall, I immediately envisioned this type of full-day "destination"-type of development for the space. When winter weather is predominant for the majority of the year (as it was in Anchorage, but it is waaaaaaay colder here), it's great to be able to plan a whole day of shopping, food AND recreation. I loved it as a kid, and now being a parent myself, I can see how it could be a destination for the whole family.

Good lord, I used the word "destination" three times in this comment. It's funny how a development buzzword can really stick.

Anonymous said...

I'll add my vote for Trader Joe's. But I think this market (which includes Canadian visitors and Fargo) COULD support this discount specialty food store. We occupy something of a "sweet spot" between those two metros.

Drew said...

The Dimond Center is awesome. I believe I went there when I was a kid visiting my uncle and I was in awe of what a mall could be. I vote for indoor skating rink and miniature golf.

I hate waiting for the one day I'm not busy and it's decent enough to go skating at the park. Also, who doesn't love mini golf as an easy date or summer afternoon activity?

Anonymous said...

Trader Joe's would be great. Wait and see, maybe Sushi Bar and KFC. greenglass4

Anonymous said...

"If Trader Joe's is is anything like this Wikipedia entry describes, it wouldn't have any problem attracting employees.

I can't see Trader Joe's coming to ND, though. Between not being able to sell wine, beer, etc., losing a half day of business every Sunday, and the size of this market, I just don't see it benefiting the company. They're not Starbucks."

Trader Joes would be a great. I have been shopping at Trader Joes for the last 13 years. They would have it easier here to sell wine and beer than in Minnesota. In St. Louis Park they have a seperate entry to the wine shop which is what allows them to sell it there. Here they could have Sunday sales of wine unlike St. Louis Park. Biggest obstacle is that their warehouse is in Chicago for this area.

Anonymous said...

Pls everyone, Do we really need any more food places here in town? or more of the same stores, or need more shoes,coats, or food I don't think so.

We NEED somthing for everyone to enjoy. mini golf, bumper cars, a new public pool ( at a decent price, not Canad Inn prices ($15) that nuts. The pools are allways full, maybe would not be good in the old Target area...but.. It would add to the many of things that could go in there with water fun. This is a rare opportunity we have to fill this area. We need to think of OUR kids and not the collage kids ALL THE TIME.