Thursday, January 31, 2008

WDAZ's new digs

WDAZ debuted their new set on Thursday. If you didn't get a chance to see it, check out one of the day's newscasts. I must say, I really like the new set so far. Previous sets have looked very...well, let's just say the new set looks much more professional than its predecessors. Me like.

I'm glad to see WDAZ/Forum Communications finally spend a little bit of money to improve the station's visual appeal. I realize that a flashy set doesn't in itself make a better newscast. However, it does provide for a more professional looking overall package and I think that makes a difference.

What do you think of the new set? Do you miss the lovely carpet on the wall? How about the new graphics and opening sequence?


bethski said...

wow. nice. what happened? they come into some money? I love it. I may watch it more often now!

Anonymous said...

SO many things that are wrong....

They still have that stupid TV to the side, and they still sound like they are podcasting from the boiler room in the basement of an abandoned building, for starters.

The news desk is covered with green marble-patterned Formica. It looks like they are doing the news from the breakfast island in my parent's kitchen.

And what's with the red and black wallpaper in the background?

"Good evening, and now the top stories from HELL!!"

And lastly, am I the only one, or don't those black and blue glowing pillars look almost like something off of the Death Star?

Otherwise, looks good!

Drew said...

I dunno, I really liked the old set up. I don't really care about the TV to the side because I've always liked it. The background seems just a little bit too dark, even though it is pretty nice looking.

It's nice. I also miss the river icon or whatever that was in the background. It added a visible center to the background.

Anonymous said...

I like the new set.

Hopefully they will now spend some money on updating some of their equipment from the 50's.

Elucidarian said...

It is a little dark.

Anonymous said...

As long as Tami Osbourne's blonde hair is there, I'm a happy guy.

Anonymous said...


Dan said...

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Anonymous said...


Sure would be nice if Midco (or DISH/DirecTV) had ABC/WDAZ in HD....


Anonymous said...

WDAZ doesn't broadcast in HDTV. Otherwise it would be on there. Neither does KBRR/Fox, so no Super Bowl on HDTV in Grand Forks.

But they'll both be in HDTV by 2009 because of new FCC requirements of going off air on analog over the air (antenna) TV and switching to HDTV (if programming is broadcast in HDTV).

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Anonymous said...

Actually, Fargo gets ABC and FOX in HD. Thief River Falls gets ABC (WDAZ) in HD also... (for a year or two now) so what the hell is holding it up...

John said...

Ron Paul sucks. He's strictly pro-life. That is enough reason not to vote for him. Barack Obama is going to be our next president.

I can't wait to move away from this crappy, conservative, redneck, boring area of the United States.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the background looking like a cheap scene from hell. Bill Haug in the financial section looks like a minion of Satan against that background.

Anonymous said...

Do you really know what "redneck" is? When you move down to Texas, give me an update.

Kelly Clow said...

"I can't wait to move away from this crappy, conservative, redneck, boring area of the United States."

Soooo....where exactly do you plan to go? I can assure you, there will be people with rock-solid values wherever you end up at.

Anonymous said...

No offense, but why are people blogging politics where GFG asked about the new set at WDAZ? Take that to the open blog. I don't understand people's obsession with the TV in the background or to the side. Has anybody every watched another news station or CNBC? Many times they go to someone else which is a tv next to them? What the big deal? I have to say that for the money they probably spent, it's a poor use of color. Who is their interior designer? Nothing wrong with the set, just the wrong colors.

wannagrapple said...

I don't have a tv. I DL everything. Does this WDAZ offer downloads of their shows?

PS. political commentary spammed in inappropriate topics sucks. Please stop.

Anonymous said...

Although arguably a more modern look, the new set is really a garish eye-sore. I found myself wincing a couple times tonight, even though I hoped I might be starting to adjust to it already. Nice job to the previous poster for identifying the kitchen-island likeness of the blue formica countertop.

All I can figure is that the same person in charge of the changing but consistently awful hair-dos of some of the anchors and reporters (female and male) must have been put in charge of color coordination and material selection for the new set. It all reeks of small-town wannabes thinking they've really got style now that they've gone on a shopping spree.

Anonymous said...

You people bitch entirely too much.

Is it possible you really feel that lousy about every single thing that comes to topic here?

I give up on this blog.

rrskylar said...

Great, WDAZ updated their 1980's set to a 1990's set! Wish my Winnipeg cable provider would give us a Mpls/StP ABC affiliate like we get for CBS and NBC. Nothing like having to wait for a half hour infomercial to end before I can watch Jimmy Kimmel!

Anonymous said...

12:16...I think that way a lot of the time. Maybe the whiny posts help them be nicer to their families, coworkers and in traffic. I read the blog a lot less lately to avoid a bad aftertaste.

fargodev said...

I haven't seen the new set yet, so I can't really comment. I'm hoping WDAY gets a new set at some point.

I also wish they would get a live band to play the intro and outro music, and maybe a little to introduce the weather segment.

More specifically, "Yakety Sax" will be played to introduce the weather segment.

Fred said...

Hmm. A live band on the nightly local news.

Morry Finney could do a bang-up job of "Yakety Sax," too. And once things really take off, perhaps DAZ could have Lena Horne come in and do "Stormy Weather."


Anonymous said...

whatever happened to Rose Brunsvold?

Anonymous said...

Rose is alive and well and can still be seen occasionally on Channel 11.

media=message said...

I miss Jane Joyce. She was a snappy dresser and all around news babe. Although it's probably pretty inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, I really do think the news folks COULD do a better job with hair and makeup.

Anonymous said...

Well, they do do their OWN hair and makeup. So maybe they could just hire someone to come in for each broadcast and do it. (For WDAZ at least)

Anonymous said...

I miss the old sports guys, Steve "Sweaty" Long, and Dan Clites.

Anonymous said...

Bill Haug is the Satan of th financial world. And John of 5:52 there are several million abortions a year, thanks Dems and Obama. greenglass4.

Anonymous said...

Look at the bright side, cut the bight rate and we'll cut our fossil fuel consumption!

bonzo said...

great game today

sure was fun watching it in standard definition instead of HD :(

Anonymous said...

leave it to GF Guy to discuss mundane and irrelevant topics that no one cares about. I have to say your blog has steadily gone downhill for the past year.