Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Poll results: high hopes

When asked "In your opinion, will the new EGF movie theater be a success?", a majority of the 172 voters answered "yes." Check out the full results...

Yes 56%97
No 13%23
Too early to tell 30%52


JoshTee! said...

So, they're for sure building this now?

I went to SuperBad at Carmike last week, and the line outside went halfway through the parking lot... at 4PM! That should say something -- either about nighttime ticket prices, or how lazy they were about handling the people that wanted tickets. Either way, that kind of thing has to show that another theater is something Grand Forks wants.

Anonymous said...

O come on now. It's a good thing that happend in EGF. It's about time we had more options, and it's nice to have it in East side, no point of anyone being selfish. The Seats are WAY better in the new theather in EAst side. And the smell of the nice wood in the hallways mixed with the popcorn..haha. Its a hit over there and we made the right choice by putting in there. GO ahead and wait out side. I'll be relaxed in the nice big reclined chair with my popcorn and FREE refills on pop. =-)