Monday, June 12, 2006

New blogs: GF Teenview and Boyd Drive Follies

It seems like blogging is becoming the new hobby of choice in Grand Forks. Two new blogs have joined the local blogging community ("The Grand Forks Blogosphere" as I call it).

GF Teenview is a blog about Grand Forks ("A Teen's views on local news") started just last week by Rick Abbott. Rick is a production assistant at WDAZ-TV and the editor of his high school newspaper. It's great to see someone from WDAZ start a blog. Just last week I was mentioning how I would like to see blogs coming out of the station. We have newspaper and radio people represented in our local blogging community so why not television people too? It's great to see Rick start this blog. He has already posted some interesting things and I'm really looking forward to what else he has to say.

Boyd Drive Follies by Good Ol' Boy started up last month. In Good Ol' Boy's words, the blog is about "My points of view on whatever may pop up on my radar. My views are my own, often reflect a conservative world view, and are therefore instructive. Pay attention." Should be interesting.

I urge you to check out these blogs. Once again, it is so great to see more people start blogging in Grand Forks. Let's keep it up, guys!

By the way, I just alphabetized the list of GF Blogs in the sidebar on your left. It seems to be the most sensible way to organize the links. No offense to anyone if you got moved down in the listing!


Dakota Huseby said...

I'll have to change my name to A Voice of Dakota. ;)

GrandForksGuy said...

Now there's a good idea, Dakota!

Actually, I'm feeling a little unsure if it was a good idea to alphabetize the list. Maybe it would be better to organize them by most "referrals"? That way, the blogs that direct the most people to my blog would get the higher listings. Any opinions?

JGS said...

I alphabetized my links so if some people thought I was putting the better blogs at the top, will not have to feel that again! I think it's a good idea, GFG.

GrandForksGuy said...

Alphabetizing really does seem to be the fairest method of organizing the links. That way, no one thinks I'm trying to show any favortism.

Rick said...

Hey, I don't mind, I'm 2nd.