Friday, March 31, 2006

Vote GrandForksGuy in ‘06

Today is a very special is the day that I announce my candidacy for the Grand Forks City Council. No one has stepped up yet to announce a run for the council elections taking place this June, so I have the pleasure of being the first person to throw my hat into the ring. I will run on the anti-pothole ticket so I should have plenty of support in this fine city. If you, my fellow citizens and loyal readers of GrandForksLife, should be so kind as to vote me into office this summer, I have no doubt that we shall carry this all the way through to the Mayor’s office in 2008. Won't you join hands with me? Won't you share in my dream for the future? I humbly ask for your vote this June in the election. Together, we can shape this place of excellence into a truly Grand Forks. Vote GrandForksGuy!!!

Oh, and by the way...(slightly early) April fools!


Dave Miller said...

You almost had me. You should had let that go through tomorrow though. The comments would have been fun to see.

Good one though.

JGS said...

Haha, almost had me until I read the small print. I would vote for you if you did indeed run!